Friday, October 31, 2008

Behold the Power of Smoothies

If you have a power-hungry toddler in your house, you need to get out your blender immediately.

After you have enjoyed your margarita(s), please, do what you like with this:

About three weeks ago, my friend taught me how to make smoothies. It's not rocket science. You put a banana, frozen berries, and some juice in a blender and let it rip. Little did my friend know that she was giving me a powerful piece of arsenal in my war againist the terrible twos.

In the morning, when Owen feels that it is a wonderful idea to lounge around in a ready-to-burst, ten pound Overnight Pull-Up and Monkey PJs, I just say, "I guess I'll have to make the smoothie all by myself, because little boys who aren't dressed can't make smoothies."

Owen, saucer-eyed, generally cries, "No! Want to make smoothies! Want the blender to go around and round" (while making a round-and-round motion with his finger). He then strips himself of his PJ's, removes the diaper, throws it in the trash can, puts on his clothing (with minimal help), and runs to the kitchen counter. Together, we put the fruit in the blender. After reminding him that actually manning the buttons is a "Mommy Job," he watches the fruit blend, captivated.

He then generally refuses to actually eat the smoothie, opting for a cold waffle (because they are totally and completely ruined if cooked). I have my freshly made breakfast-in-a-glass, and because at least one member of the household is fed and dressed before 9 AM, I have yet to add any rum to the mix.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Starting the blog

People tell me that I need to "write all this down" so my boys can learn about their early life. So, here goes...

I have two boys. Owen is 2 1/2 and Never. Stops. Talking. Joel is 3 months old and Never. Stops. Nursing. So, much of my day involves sitting in the glider, listening to Owen while Joel chows down.

Typical conversation:
Owen: Mommy wants to feed Baby Joel the belly buttons. (Owen's word for nipples)
Me: Yup.
Owen: Owen wants to eat belly buttons.
Me: Nope.
Owen: Owen wants to eat Daddy's belly buttons.
Me: Go for it.
Owen: Daddy wants to eat Mommy's belly buttons.
Me: (silent)
Owen: (changing the subject). Diego uses the potty like a big boy.
Me: Yes, yes he does.

And on it goes...