Thursday, October 30, 2008

Starting the blog

People tell me that I need to "write all this down" so my boys can learn about their early life. So, here goes...

I have two boys. Owen is 2 1/2 and Never. Stops. Talking. Joel is 3 months old and Never. Stops. Nursing. So, much of my day involves sitting in the glider, listening to Owen while Joel chows down.

Typical conversation:
Owen: Mommy wants to feed Baby Joel the belly buttons. (Owen's word for nipples)
Me: Yup.
Owen: Owen wants to eat belly buttons.
Me: Nope.
Owen: Owen wants to eat Daddy's belly buttons.
Me: Go for it.
Owen: Daddy wants to eat Mommy's belly buttons.
Me: (silent)
Owen: (changing the subject). Diego uses the potty like a big boy.
Me: Yes, yes he does.

And on it goes...

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mmdell said...

Bravo! It's about time! You are so talented and hilarious! What's maybe not so funny is that you DON'T make this stuff up? :) Love ya,