Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Batshit Shopping

I've never been much of an emotional shopper. I tend to focus on eating when I'm having a rough patch (Although after seeing Cheryl's post about deep fried butter, I may never eat again.)

However, this behavior has recently changed. It started with my purchase of a Nook, otherwise known as The Evil Money Suck of Doom.

I've prided myself on using libraries. They are free, they foster life-long learning for my children, and they are conveniently located next to Panera Bread. But recently, my children have seen the library as their own personal climbing gym, and I'm tired to being shushed by the homeless people on the computers.

I learned that our local library will begin checking out titles on Nooks and Kindles. I told myself that an e-reader is a more ecologically sound choice--less paper, less processing, less clutter in my home. And the kicker was that with Nook, you can swap titles with other users (message me your info if you want to do that).

I didn't realize how easy it was to buy titles. It's connected to my wi-fi, and I can be reading a downloaded book in seconds. The first book I read was The Hunger Games.

And now I'm supposed to wait to check out the other two books in the trilogy? Or Jennifer Weiner's newest one? Nuh-uh. Not gonna happen. Click. Click.

I'm book broke.

Like I said, dangerous.

But that's only the start of the madness. My oldest needs school supplies for starting kindergarten this fall. So, we bought him an LL Bean backpack. In theory, this thing will last him until he goes to college. At least that's what Bean would have you believe.

So far, not bad. But wait.

I needed to buy a lunch box. I heard that Bento Boxes were cool, so I did some hunting. After much speculating about plastics vs. stainless steel, simple vs. fancy, I bought him a PlanetBox.

A $70 lunch box. Environmentally sound and designed for optional nutrition, if I follow the guidelines. I may need to enclose a spreadsheet for his teacher in case he needs assistance.

This? Is kinda batshit. I ate out of a paper sack my entire life. But like I said, this is all about my baby starting Kindergarten, me working through some stuff, and the power of the shiny, pretty Interwebs.

So tell me...any ridiculous emotional purchases on your end? Share so I feel less....well, broke.


Kir said...

I am right there with you, seriously I am such an emotional shopper. My weakness, heels, wedges, patent leather, cork...oh dear god...I love them.
But I also love costume jewlery, books on my Nook (will send u my info) and I am such a sucker for summer dresses this year.

Send help..or chocolate! ;)

formerlyonlyamovie said...

Between Kindle and iBooks on my iPad... I can't even type how much I've spent this year on books. I used to live in the library. And now when I want to read paper books? I buy them at Goodwill or yard sales.

For me, the ridiculous emotional purchases would be the spendy shampoo and conditioners. eBay tends to get me going too.

My boy is going to be a sophomore in HS - he's on his 4th Bean backpack.

formerlyonlyamovie said...

Between Kindle and iBooks on my iPad... I can't even type how much I've spent this year on books. I used to live in the library. And now when I want to read paper books? I buy them at Goodwill or yard sales.

For me, the ridiculous emotional purchases would be the spendy shampoo and conditioners. eBay tends to get me going too.

My boy is going to be a sophomore in HS - he's on his 4th Bean backpack.

Formerly known as Frau said...

I shop that way too....mine problem is clothes or shoes! School supplies piss me off last year I spent 250 on supplies teachers required! I had to use paper bag my whole life only the rich kids had lunch pals...times have changed. My daughter once in HS said please no more insulated bag just paper! We are on a no spending in I'm shopping my brains out next couple days!!

LB said...

Girl, emotional shopping is my main stress reliever. I do it every day. Just spent $80 on a zebra print backpack with hot pink monogram for my daughter because zebra is her new favorite color.

Mel said...

You are not alone. Especially with the book crack. Kindle has turned me into a monster. I have no will power for the next book in the series impulse purchase, and started buying those 4 or 8 book bundles and reading until my eyeballs ache and my family is almost abandoned. Do you compulsively cruise for free downloads too, even though you know half of them aren't worth the price of nothing? Ah, addiction. I have intense lunchbox envy. So it was expensive - you will not have to buy a new one ever, so it looks like value to me. And shiny, ooooh.
I understand the allure of emotional shopping, but I figure it's gotta be cheaper than therapy, so I'll never judge. Hang in there.

Kim said...

Oh my friend...I need to get one of those lunchboxes. The thought of Deaglan at school all day long with no one to guide him makes me crazy. How will he know when to eat? What to eat? How will I know how much to send?

I've also eased up on my library outings. Asking Deaglan to walk instead of run, talk softly instead of shouting, stay with me instead of running up the escalators - does me no good. You've just given me a handful of good points to bring to Shaune when I tell him I'm going to buy a Nook.

Michele R said...

Never seen a cool lunchbox like that. I have one in high school, one in middle and one in last year of elem. The two oldest started using a "Target" or "Publix" plastic bag for their lunch--not earth friendly but......they are boys. The one going into 5th grade is going to reuse his rectangular-shaped, zippered, blue insulated one. He likes everything to go into the backpack in the a.m.--maybe make sure this one you've posted can fit into it?

Victoria KP said...

Emotional shopping for me usually involves food or cosmetic stuff--depending which way the emotions are swinging.

The LL Bean backpacks are worth it. My mom scored some at the LL Bean outlet store last year and it's the first time we've gotten more than one year out of a pack--and my boys are ROUGH on stuff.

I like the idea of the bento boxes. I use reusable containers for everything that goes into the kids lunch boxes. So far so good, but I suspect when they get to middle school and high school I'm never going to see those containers again!

Rebecca said...

We bought a $15 backpack for Isabella last year and spent about the same for Joey last year.......we get to the school supply aisle at Target and they both whine for a new one, but not the ear piercing makes me want to dig in my heels whine....Just the pitiful simple request of a whine.....they got new backpacks......moral of the'll be buying a new backpack every year.......

MY emotional purchase......Nordstrom shoes for Joey....about fifty bucks. But BUT they will give you a shoe to fit each foot and not charge you for two pairs of shoes.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Teagan is starting 1st grade in *gulp* about 2 weeks. We got her a brand new backpack that is intended to last all of elementary school (through 4th grade, i think). Lands End. $30. And a matching back pack. and initials embroidered on. And a butterfly emblem embroidered on. And maybe a few new dresses. And she probably needs a few more outfits for school, new shoes, etc.

Ugh. Now I'm stressing about it again.

trellisaze said...

I do this. All the time, though since I left my job this year the overspending has had to cut way down out of necessity to pay my bills! And it pains me every day to have to pass up ALL THE SHINY PRETTY THINGS.

I think the internet has made it a lot worse too. I'm not a mall shopper -- really hate going out and "shopping" as the ladies do. But it only takes 2 seconds to click click the mouse and have something on a truck heading my direction!

Lately it's baby stuff, except I have a list a mile long of MUST HAVES and haven't bought much of anything yet because we can't afford to buy that much. And it's stressing me out, because I want my baby to have the organic cotton mattress (not going to happen) and a hundred of the most gorgeous and well crafted woven wraps (also not going to happen). And don't even get me started on the pretty cloth diapers!

CDG said...

I have a Kindle, and thus? No extra cash for Cheerios because I HAD TO HAVE that second Jasper Fforde novel RIGHT NOW.

And I just donated 60% of my wardrobe to the Salvation Army, and I'm about to lose my job, so clearly I need to shop for interview clothes.

And my son needs a damn Planet Box now, too.

Julie said...

This is why I don't shop. Ever. In any way.

Not in actual stores.

Not online.

Because I, too, would be batshit.

Still, you had me laughing. Hard. And also feeling bad for sending my kids brown bag lunches...


erin margolin said...

I just finished the Hunger Games trilogy---but I bought the books. Because I refuse to ever get a Nook/Kindle. Sometimes I think I teeter over the edge a bit, and the day may come when I don't have a choice, but for now? I love actual books.

Also? I love you. For that bento/lunch cool. LOVE IT. You are such a greenie!


Andrea (ace1028) said...

Oh my GOODNESS. That lunch-box of sorts is fantastic. $70 is a bit batshit crazy, but wow. It's really cool. And Bean's stuff DOES last for the rest of your life, and they will even exchange it for brand new if it gets hit with wear and tear, so that's likely a better and more valuable purchase, justsayin.

As for the eReader, I'm still deciding. I'm saving pennies for a Kindle, well, swagbucks for one, just cause, but man, that addictive behavior will be bad for me. I should force myself to read all the ACTUAL paper books I have before I left myself get one. And that's that! (Not really, but a good idea!) Oh! And then I should SELL them and use the money to buy the electronic versions! Yeah! That's it!

Coby said...

You bought a Nook? I don't know who you are anymore. You're out of my will.

No emotional purchases. The budget is too tight. I wish!

Cheryl said...

I am thankful my son's bento box made it through the entire year of first grade. I believe he did lose a container (they sit in the box). I have no plan for second grade. Yet.

I have a Kindle. But can't find the charger.