Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Little and Big Earthquakes

Parenting, (and apparently, life in the Mid-Atlantic region), is a series of little earthquakes.

That first cry. That life-affirming smile. A chubby foot striking the earth.

Belly laughs. Spontaneous dancing. Sweaty heads resting on shoulders.

Moments that make a forever.

And then, there are days like this, when the earthquakes are not as little.

And when your baby enters the big, big world? You trust that your foundation is rock solid, and hold on.

And smile when all is calm again.

(Happy first day of Kindergarten, Buddy.)


Cheryl said...

Ah yes, The earthquakes. Both big and small.

We're due for one out here, but it's too hot for earthquakes. Yep, there's actually "earthquake weather."

CDG said...

So proud of you and Owen.

How were the aftershocks? Big and small?

Rebecca said...

Ohhh how frightening for the first day of school to be riddled with earthquakes.

I always think about the operating room and earthquakes. What do the surgeons do? What about the poor parents who are waiting for their babies while in the OR waiting room and to know and feel the earthquake but not be able to hold their child who is in surgery and know that everything is okay and to be worried sick that maybe the rumble made the surgeon slice some very important part...........and the other kids, not being there with the other kids because you're stuck at the hospital...worried sick about the sick one in OR.

erin margolin said...

I am in love with this photo. It makes me ache.

I haven't been thinking too hard about kindergarten lately--if I do? I'll lose it. I can't believe how fast they're growing up.

Love this, Nancy.

Sara said...

Oh, tough times all around. My eldest daughter welcomed Kindergarten with open arms. My youngest would NOT let go of my pants. I was late for work and she cried so hard...I stayed for awhile, but eventually the teacher made me leave. My child and I both were in tears.

I'm pleased that your "earthquake" settled and calm returned.

Have you thought what your kids will think someday about what you've written? It's kind of cool to think of this:~) said...

Aww. (And were you thinking of the Tori Amos song? Cause I certainly am.)

Victoria KP said...

Makes me a little teary eyed--and my little kindergarten earthquake was years ago! I love the photo!

AudreyO said...

Hope he had an awesome first day and can't wait to go back. Such a big scary world out there.

May said...

This is brilliant! It does rock you like an earthquake, doesn't it?!

Julie said...

Oh Nancy.

This is so beautiful. And sweet.

And true.

Hold on tightly.

Bekah said...

What a wonderful analogy. I feel an art journal page about earthquakes coming on. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kelly K @ Writing w/ Chaos said...

Living in Iowa then in Texas, I never would've thought of earthquakes relating to raising children.

But it fits, so perfectly.

Accidental Expert said...

Great post. My youngest just started kindergarten as well. Here's to a great year all around and very few earthquakes along the way.

StarTraci said...

Oooh! First day of Kindergarten is a big one. Knowing you, however, I am quite sure that his foundation is super solid. Just trust it and yourself.

BTW, I hope that you survived Irene well. It was a weird week for the East Coast, huh?

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh my.... he first day of kindergarten is BIG!

Earthquakes are no fun at all but I'm hoping Buddy's first day was an easy one.


Bekah said...

Finally finished and posted the art journal page this post inspired!