Monday, May 9, 2011

Winning the Blogging Lottery

This Monday, I won the blogging lottery. I am guest posting for two women whom I admire immensely.

Cam of Move Over Mary Poppins is a baker, mother, nanny, and writer extraordinaire. I met her through The Red Dress Club. Each week, I read her fiction and lose myself. She is so good, people. Please stop by and read my guest post, and then stick around for an hour or two. If you need a place to start, read her stories about Sam and Will. 

Nichole, of In These Small Moments, is another friend from The Red Dress Club. More specifically, she is one of the leaders of this virtual writing community. Nichole has one of the most giving hearts. Her comments are so kind.. Her writing is ethereal. Her mission to capture the daily moments of wonder is inspiring. I am honored to post a small moment involving my Owen. Please stop by, and then lose yourself in her site as well. Recent favorites of her include Always, and Yours joys so much greater...

To summarize:
My guest post for Cam? HERE
My guest post for Nichole? HERE

Please spread the love, if you can.

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