Saturday, March 14, 2009


Because I lived with Janet Lee my senior year...I met Paul.

Because I met Paul....I know that the saguaro and mountains of Tucson will always be "home."

Because I made Tucson my home....I ended up working at the most amazing public middle school. My co-workers included: an Australian punk rock drummer, a professional jazz flutist, a unicycle-riding rabble-rouser, an Ivy-league educated poet, and a math-loving-nature-hating- smart-ass-devout-Catholic from Chicago.

Because I worked at this school....I gained confidence in my abilities to teach, inspire, talk, lead, and write.

Because I gained confidence...I stopped starting my sentences with disclaimers like, "I know this is probably a stupid idea, but..."

Because I decided that I can do hard things....Paul and I took risks, including a move to the East Coast, a new job, and a decidedly different culture.

Because that move was hard....I learned how to manage depression through exercise and faith.

Because I had faith that God would guide us...I felt like it was time to start a family.

Because I had the two boys....I learned that words and actions impact multiple generations.

Because of this insight...I am humbled.

Because I am humbled...I know that God has guided every step.

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