Thursday, March 19, 2009

Brushes with Fame

When I was seven, my brother got a Ladmo Bag. A Ladmo Bag is a lunch sack full of junk food, coupons, and toys, given to lucky recipients by Ladmo, half of the famed Phoenix morning kid's program, "Wallace and Ladmo."

My mom once taught the kids of a local country music disc jockey, W. Steven Martin.

When I was in high school, I was in Spanish class with a girl that made the U.S. Olympic Trials for Gymnastics.

My senior year, a local weatherman from the CBS affiliate joined our church.

During college, I saw Adam Sandler in a bar. The Mad Italian, to be precise.

Also during college, my windshield was broken by a member of the Brazilian National Soccer Team. They swear that a soccer ball, kicked at high velocity by a world-class player (training at NAU's high altitude training camp) could not break a windshield. I don't buy it.

My friend, Sunshine, partied with The Misfits, a punk band.

At the HORDE festival, I told Ben Folds that he put on a good show.

While teaching, one of my students showed me pictures of him posing with his family's friends, the members of REO Speedwagon.

Also while teaching, a student, whose mother worked for Canyon Ranch, (a fancy-pants resort) shared that Leonardo DiCaprio and Sharon Stone were "really nice" while they were in town filming, The Quick and the Dead. Apparently, though, Mike Myers's (now former) mother-in-law, Linda Richman, was a real bitch.

I worked at a summer camp with a man whose brother taught Kirsten Dunst.

My sister-in-law, an occupational therapist, had a patient whose mother trained animals for movies. Thus, I held the kangaroo from an Avis commercial.

A student's father piloted Air Force One, and flew George Bush to Iraq for his surprise Thanksgiving Day Feast with the troops.

My aunt has a friend whose daughter works for Oprah.

Barack Obama spoke at my cousin's graduation ceremony.

A friend of mine saw the actor that plays John Locke at a Whole Foods on the Eastern Shore. She said, "I kept babbling to him about chutney."

And on Facebook, I found out that a friend of mine used to work with Sterling, the boy who played Young Benjamin Linus on last night's episode of Lost.

I'm surrounded by greatness, eh?


Anonymous said...

When my dad was in high school and worked at a body shop, he fixed James Brown's car. And he & my mom saw Smokey Robinson in a motel elevator... ok, they were at the motel specifically to stalk Smokey, but still...

Anonymous said...

Last Friday on the show "Howie Do It," my high school friend Toby was in the Paula Abdul skit. And the summer after I graduated from college I won tickets to a Van Halen concert and got my picture taken with them (but could not get the radio station where I won the tickets from to give me a copy).

Anonymous said...

While working at Siena College, I met Mia Farrow, when she came into my office. Her son and niece both attended the school. I had no idea who she was, and chatted with her for about 20 minutes or so. After she left, my co-worker, shocked, said something to me - and I still had no idea who she was, until my co-worker mentioned Woody Allen. A few years later, Mia Farrows mother died and the funeral was at the same College - I sat with a security officer for a few hours in the parking lot, keeping a lookout for Woody Allen, it was feared he may try to attend the services...he didn't.

I have also met JFK Jr. When I lived in Albany, NY, he attended Albany Law School. Surprisingly enough, we both hung out at a late night hot spot, Quintessence, and again I had no idea who he was. To me he was a hot law student, named John, who bought me Kamakazi's and chatted me up at the bar from time to time.

Jen M.

Tom Mohrman said...

I got a Ladmo bag? Shucks! I was too young to remember. Tarnation and dangit.