Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Good Uncle

My brother, who lives way too far away, wrote this poem about a conversation we had yesterday.

I miss him. He blogs here.

Bricks (via Typetrigger)

We can finally have this conversation
now that I can understand
his words, the older one demanding my
sister's attention when I call
far too seldom. Without transition
she begs off and regulates, capturing
motherhood better than all the memories
we share. Her reprimands and counts of three
make me smile in ways I wish she could see.
She always apologizes and it's never necessary.

Now is the time of Legos.
The older one makes and follows plans. He is
methodical, and his brother watches him. I know
from my sister's capable description mostly.
(They live time zones away.)

They have hundreds of interlocking bricks.
I remember from my childhood wheels and various
rectangular pieces and the odd leftover duplo
with syrupy nostalgia. I intend to watch
with approval, perhaps on carpets or
at child-sized tables with them
before too much time passes
and they've moved on.
The younger boy has words now
also, and it is time to say hello.


Ash said...

Awwww. I love this!! I have a brother too. And lots of Legos.

Brothers are the best :)

Formerly known as Frau said...


Julie said...

Love this line:

She always apologizes and it's never necessary.

How true. We mothers always feel the need to say "I'm sorry" - on the phone, in the market, at the toy store, restaurant, beach.

But it isn't necessary. Those who have been there understand. And some who haven't been there understand. And those who cannot understand will not be appeased by apology.

How lucky you are to have a brother. Who understands.

Minivan Lover said...

This is proof that brothers are good people :)

noisycolorfullively said...

I can't believe your family made two talented writers.

My brother is one of my favorite people ever. He's really nice. He communicates mostly through a series of grunts smattered with frat acronyms, beer pong stories and football similies. But he is really adorable. Though miles away from the way my brother thinks, this makes me miss him. I'm going to call him now.

This is a beautiful snapshot. Thanks for sharing :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Your brother sounds awesome.
Great writing runs in your family.
xo jj

Coby said...

I loved this! Makes me wish I were closer with my brothers.

tsonodablog said...

That was lovely. What a wonderful way for your brother to express his love.