Wednesday, December 3, 2008

All this emotion from a Lego Tower?

Today, we went to a birthday party. David turned three today, the second of many parties we will attend this year celebrating the end of the terrible twos and the beginning of the terrific threes (I'm being optimistic here).

I know that I've barked up this tree before, but there really is something amazing in seeing your child grow up, and watching his friends grow up. I remember seeing these playgroup friends in Baby Bjorns, drooling and chubby cheeked. Now, today, they're all sitting around a table, drinking from big boy/girl cups, talking to each other, decorating their own cupcakes and generally being people instead of cute blobs.

The phrase is trite, but it is true, "The days are long, the years are short."

Last night, I was on the computer, trying to put together the Christmas photo card (more difficult than one would think, finding a picture of Joel that doesn't involve drool, crossed eyes, red eyes, but DOES involve eye contact). Paul and Owen were in the living room, building a massive tower of Legos---probably the height of two Owens. Owen said, referring to the top,"I can't reach it. I need to grow up."

Paul said, "Don't grow up too fast, buddy."

And just like that---my eyes were misting up, thinking of him starting preschool next year, of him stepping onto the school bus two years after that, then middle school, then high school, then moving away from home, and then meeting a girl that will love him and make him want to be the best man he can be....

Like a lunatic, I'm crying, thinking about the years, streaking past so quickly. How lucky I am to be Owen and Joel's mom.

"Don't grow up too fast, buddy." Indeed.

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