Friday, December 5, 2008

Bunch of goods and a yuck.

Today we got the Christmas tree at the Volunteer Fire Department....that's good.

While Paul was tying the tree down, a fireman let Owen sit in the fire truck, and he flashed the lights and let him hold his helmet....that's really good.

Joel settled down fairly quickly for most of his naps....which is good.

Later that day, I got a massage, which was so heavenly I just floated out of the day spa...that's good, too.

I went to my friend's office to discuss his dissertation (I'm editing it with him). While I was waiting, I read The Calvert Recorder. My quote made it into the article about toy shopping. I didn't sound like a tool AND all the information was accurate. Good--right?

Then, I met up with my friend. He said that his adviser liked the revisions I recommended, and he thinks that he will actually get his PhD---partially in thanks to me...that's good, too.

He said he passed my name and number on to other people in his PhD program---that's just good good good.

Extra income=good!

I stopped at the 7-11 and bought something called a Nilla Cakester. While not good for you, they taste, well, good!

I arrive home and Paul told me that United Healthcare is charging us $750.00 for my hospital stay and Joel's subsequent hospitalization back in July/August. Yuck.

All things considered, I'm still coming out ahead...

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