Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Goals, revisited

Loyal readers may recall that I came up with some New Year's Resolutions. Here's where I am a few months later...

1. I will take a shower every day. I do this, unless I don't feel like it. To encourage basic, necessary hygiene, I recently purchased some bath hoo-hahs from Bath and Body Works. The idea is that I'll shower if I can smell yummy afterwards. This worked, until Paul came home one day and asked me if I why I smelled like Snuggle fabric softener. Not sexy.

Hopefully, I won't get to the point of my literary hero, David Sedaris. He made it a personal goal to read Moby Dick. He found the book so dreadfully boring that he abstained from showering until he finished the damn book, damnit. His boyfriend threatned to move out of the house until he finally got his shower---two weeks later. Ick.

2. I will read books, occasionally even challenging ones. So far, I haven't read anything too substantial. I'm reading a lot of books about marathoning, because I admire runners, and I'm looking for new tidbits to discuss with Paul. Right now, I'm working on Duel in the Sun, which discusses the epic battle between Alberto Salazar and Dick Beardsley during the 1982 Boston Marathon. I just finished reading the chapter which discusses Beardsley's unfortunate accident involving farming equipment and Demerol. Good times.

3. Paul and I will go on four dates this year. Oh, we're so making this happen. We went out for dinner last week, and we're both committed to doing it again, and soon. My parents are coming in next week for Owen's birthday, so guess who gets to watch the kids?

4. I will continue this blog and enter four writing contests/submit four entries for publication.
The blog goes on. I just submitted a short article to a church-based magazine.

5. I will run three days a week. This has been terribly inconsistent. I'm signed up for two road races in March, including one called, "Keep Your Colon Rolling," which (surprise!) is for Colon Cancer Awareness. I can't wait to see the T-shirt. I'm going to buy myself a running skirt for my birthday, because I'm a girl and I get to wear silly running skirts and still be a tough running chick. Maybe this will encourage increased running. And, perhaps if I run more, I'll be inclined to shower more. And, if I shower more, I might use the Snuggle-flavored lotions again.

6. I will lose the baby weight. Getting there. Let's just say we're back in the 130 range.

7. I will do something cool with Paul when we celebrate our ten year anniversary (June 12th)
Hasn't happened yet. There's plenty of time to dither about before figuring it out.

8. I will learn something new. I haven't decided yet, but I'm thinking about taking a cooking class. Wouldn't it be fun to learn how to cook Indian food?

9. I will eat more eggplant (they're just so pretty). I made eggplant parmigiana, but it was too greasy. Eggplant sucks up olive oil like a sponge, and by the time I finished my serving, I felt like I had been chewing Tony Soprano's hairpiece (if he wore one).

10. I will cut myself some slack. Working on it. Whenever negative thoughts creep into my head, I'm trying to cut them off by listing things that make me grateful.

So that's that. Here's one more, new resolution--get more followers for the blog. So, people, what say you? Join the adventure! Become a follower of NPOJblog! A daily dose of nonsense---just for you! Thanks.

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