Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mistaken Identity

I truly wonder how Owen's mind works. The logic is...astonishing.

To wit: Looking over my shoulder while I was looking at my Yahoo page, Owen saw a picture of Bruce Springsteen:

He said, "Look Mommy, it's Ironman."

Yes, the resemblance is striking. Owen has not seen Ironman, and Paul and I do not spend a lot of time discussing the various Marvel characters. Yet, he knows all about Ironman. HOW???

This, I suppose, is better than the last time he looked over my shoulder. He saw a picture of Plaxico Burress, a football player:

He then said, "It's Daddy!"

No, Owen. This is your daddy. Holding you. In a lighthouse, of course.


Speaking of football, we realized that we needed to toughen our son up, football-wise, since we plan on living in Redskins-Mad Maryland for a little bit longer. For months, Owen would call footballs, "acorns."

I guess I can see that one. Maybe. While cute now, this could result in playground poundings in a few years.

Owen's mind is creative, to say the least, and it is never boring. That makes me as happy as Ironman, as he passes the acorn to Plaxico Burress, while humming to himself, in the words of the Boss, " These are...Glory Days!"

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