Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sundays in a Historical Tourist Trap City

I am sneaking onto the computer for a minute because my parents, who are visiting from Colorado, are both reading The Washington Post quite happily.

I expect that I will continue to be a spotty poster/commenter for the remainder of the week.

I notice that I have new followers and I love you. Let's get married.

I will visit you soon.

I will also be a better reader/commenter once I return to my hermit-like normal life. The life, that is, where it is not considered socially unacceptable to be on the computer numerous hours each day. 

While I was away, the boys and I met up with my parents at Colonial Williamsburg. With the temperatures soaring around 103 degrees, we all got a true taste of what it would be like to live in the days of wool breeches and hand-powered air conditioning.


We did a forced march up and down Ye Olde Roadway, pushing or pulling the red-faced, whining children. We almost got Ye Olde Heatstroke, were it not for Ye Olde Starbucks.

We quickly returned to the pool, where we engaged in a turf battle with Ye Olde Teenagers and their ancient squirt-muskets of annoyance.

It wasn't all historic ass-tractions, though. We also went to Busch Gardens, where I learned that my children are stubborn as mules.

Thanks to my parents, who attended a root-canal of a time-share presentation, we got discounted tickets to the theme park.

We went straight to the Sesame Street Children's Lollapallooza of Awesome, where my children refused to play in the specially designed sprinkler park, preferring to frolic in the blazing sun.

Owen was quick to dismiss most of the rides as "too fast" or "too scary," although there were infants riding the rides unaccompanied.

Eventually, after some careful analysis and study, Owen determined that these rides were not designed to torture or injure, and he decided to take the plunge. Joel was quick to follow.

I think they enjoyed themselves.

After Busch Gardens and the historical death march, there was only one place left: Bass Pro Shop.

Owen is into fishing, you see, so I thought he would like the fly-fishing demonstration.

I didn't realize it was also a home-design mecca.

I invite you to give me the best idea for how to incorporate this unique and timeless piece of decor into your life. The best entry, as determined by my Dad, will win the title of MOST AWESOME COMMENTER.

Have at it, and I'll see you when my parents find another newspaper or a good episode of Walker, Texas Ranger.

(Thanks to Unknown Mami for hosting Sundays in My City).

Unknown Mami


clearness said...

So are there really that many hunters who hunt in the pure luxury of a lazy boy the middle of the woods, or do that many wives put up with camouflage lazy boys?

Maggie May said...

that reminds me of the summer we went to Nashville, TN. it was 104 the first three days and we had the balls to visit the Presidential mansion ( the name escapes me, it's famous ) and walk around in that heat. Lola almost fainted.

Joanna Jenkins said...

This post has me laughing out loud. I love your sense of humor, Nancy... and your kids so giving you so much writing material.

As for the chair-- Um, err.... I'm actually speechless. Perhaps it could be incorporated into an exhibit at Wild Country Safari?

Happy SIMC,
And, stop by, I'm having another giveaway

Tracie said...

According to my family there aren't any BAD episodes of Walker Texas Ranger.

michelle said...

I definitely think that chair should be shipped to Mr Moon so he can decorate his new-found hunting property.

Or I could put it in our camo clubhouse for Jack and his smelly friends to enjoy.

Or it could go in our living room so when I sit in it the kids won't see me and I'll have a minute's peace.

Very funny post. Very funny lady.


Lee Ann said...

Hilarious!! I love your take, looks like your boys had a whole lot of fun!!

I have to say that the only way to incorporate that chair, would be to plant a stonking big tree in the middle if your room and some shrubbery all around the edges! :-) xx

Anonymous said...

Put it anywhere, it's camo so no one will even notice it.

MiMi said...

Ya know, camo is huge in certain places...not MY place, but others I've heard of.
Also, I would've died of heatstroke even WITH Ye Olde Starbucks. :)

Unknown Mami said...

That chair is the perfect item for the city-dwelling family that wants to incorporate the outdoors into their everyday life, but is far too lazy to actually go outdoors.

Cat said...

I think it's pretty clear that that recliner belongs in a tree stand.

only a movie said...

You are hysterical. Try to stay clear.
I've got nothing for that recliner. Gives me the heebee jeebees a bit. The sight of it made me use the term heebee jeebee - that's enough.

only a movie said...

Try to stay COOL is what I meant. I am way too tired and having a hot flash on top of the hot weather.

Coby said...

That chair belongs in a garage next to a mini-fridge stocked with Budweiser and a humidore full of cigars. Oh, and on the garage walls - license plates from around the country and maybe a poster of Elvis and James Dean. Oh yeah.

Teachinfourth said...

If I had a chair like that I'd have to make sure it was situated in an all-white room so as that I wouldn't lose it.

The Empress said...

oh, can you imagine someone buying that??? can you imagine???

blueviolet said...

The boys look so full of joy!

Aunt Becky said...

You could totally use that chair as camouflage for roving bandits.

P.S. if you buy it, I will disown you.

Ms. Moon said...

First off- your kids are so cute I want to pinch their little cheeks until they cry.
Secondly- Bass Pro Shop is my husband's church.

Salt said...

I really have no comment on how to work that chair into our current decor, but that camo is really convincing. The sticks really do look extra pointy and three dimensional. Ow.

I love the pics of the kids! They look like they are having a blast. And seriously could it have been any more miserable this weekend?

Qoddess said...

You've been quoted!