Friday, January 28, 2011

I Am Prepared to Do Unspeakable Things if you Visit me on BlogHer

A post I am very proud of entitled "We Don't Keep Secrets in Our Family" will be syndicated on BlogHer today!

I was syndicated on

BlogHer is the premiere blogging community, full of amazing voices and perspectives. I am honored to lend my voice to the chorus.

Please stop by and leave a comment here. It means the world to me. If I get fifty comments, I will do something I swore I would never do: a vlog showing my stupid human trick.

If I get one hundred comments (remember you can click here), I will dance on an additional vlog. My dancing makes Elaine from Seinfeld look like the chick from Black Swan. Yeah, you would laugh. At me. Not with me.

If I get over one hundred comments (right here!), my head will explode from joy, and I will find something else to do for your viewing/mocking pleasure.

I am willing to subject myself to such embarrassment because the post touches on an important issue to my heart--keeping children safe from sexual predators.

If you are new to Away We Go, thank you for visiting. I invite you to look around a bit. Some of my favorite posts include:

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I will update this post with acts of foolishness and daring-do if I reach my commenting goals.

The community of blogging  keeps me coming back to my keyboard. I have no words for what your support means to me. Again, thank you for touching my heart.

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Cheryl said...

You know i ran over and commented as soon as that sucker went up.

That post was amazing the first time I read it and I'm thrilled so many more people will get to read it.

Bravo to you, my brilliant friend. Bravo!!

clearness said...

I think I was something like post number nine! Thanks for letting me help spread the word. I added you to the top right of my blog.

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

I don't want to make you do anything crazy. That's not to say I won't come by and watch it!

Anita said...

I tried to comment. I think it took, but I don't see it.

Not the easiest process to sign up on BlogHer and to comment...or maybe it was just me.

Anyway, great post you've entered. A good lesson for parents letting us know that a secret is sometimes a lie.

ModernMom said...

You convinced me..I will go have a look!

Eternal Lizdom said...

You are now one of the coolest bloggers I know. Rockin'!!!

Bekah said...

Your awesomeness astounds me. Congrats to you, and well deserved!

Jenny said...

Oops. Forgot. I'm going over there now! I'll put up a request on my blog, too!