Monday, January 31, 2011

Sharing my Mommypants Moment Today

I am honored to guest post for Cheryl over at Mommypants today. She does a weekly feature called Mommypants Moments, a place for writers to share times when they had to "put on their mommypants."

She writes, "You know what your Mommypants are. We all have them. We all have those moments when we have to put ‘em on and be the Mommy. Even when we have those days where we wish someone else would."

Please stop by and say hello. She's given me the opportunity to write about an issue very close to my heart. I'm discuss marriage, crisis, bad vision, and redemption.

While you're there, please read more of Cheryl's work. She's an amazing writer and friend and I'm thrilled to have met her this year.

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