Thursday, February 3, 2011

It Really Helps

In high school, I was the one that wore head-to-toe black on Valentine's day.

Despite all that I read in Sweet Valley High, not once did the incredibly hot senior seek out my shy self. There were no kisses over the birthday cake a la Sixteen Candles.

I was kind of a geek, and boys didn't notice me. So naturally, that meant that Valentine's Day was stupid.

That was my story, anyway.

I eventually found somebody. Sadly, he's not a romantic. We don't go out for Valentine's Day. We don't feed each other heart-shaped chocolate mousse. We just don't. 

This year, however, I read Monica's blog. She's amazing. I love her.

Her boy needs love. Lots and lots of love.  So, she's making Valentine's Day a big deal. Countdowns. Decorations. Parties.

And she's right. We need love. All of us. In between the smog and Tucson and cold weather, I've been having days where the world feels as dark as my high-school Valentine's garb.

So, I'm defiantly embracing love. I'm even doing crafts, people.

The boys and I made these vases out of Mod-Podge, tissue paper, and jelly jars. We numbered a heart for each day between now and Valentine's Day.

Each morning, Owen pulls out a number, and we brainstorm how he can show love that day. We've sent cards to Grandma. We've bought food for the food bank. We've made a birdfeeder out of pinecone and peanut butter for the birds. Today, I think, we're baking cookies for our neighbor.

We've decorated with our heart fences.

And you know? It helps. It really, really helps.


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

My hubby doesn't have a rating on the romance scale either.
Doesn't mean we can't have fun with the holiday! We have done a few valentine's crafts here too (they'll be up on my blog throughout next week). It does help and it makes the holiday more fun.

Victoria KP said...

I LOVE this (no pun intended!). I can sooooo relate to High School-- Valentine's Day was just plain awful. I'm stealing this idea. I can't remember a drearier winter than this one. We aren't big Valentine's people either, but maybe this year it's just what we need.

Caution Flag said...

What a wonderful mom you are!!! Really.
My 10th grade daughter does have a date to the Valentine's Dance (what a cruel dance to have, in my opinion) BUT he is not paying for anything. That is a fine example of romance at its best :)

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Those are great ideas! I really wanted to make Valentine's Day more special this year, but I haven't done anything different. I'm hoping at least to have the actual day be really special.

Jenny said...

You might get annoyed with this comment, but I'm gonna be brave and share it anyway.

Husband number 1. Not a romantic (in addition to a long, long list of other much worse things)

Husband number 2. I tell him what I need, what I want, what I feel, what makes me feel treasured.
He is not a romantic but he listens. He buys me flowers for Valentines and our Anniversary now. He leaves me notes. They are little mis-shapen blobs that are supposed to be hearts and I treasure them.

Sometimes I think we won't say what we need and want because,somehow, people around us are supposed to know what we want and need. But unless we're married to Zolda the Mind-Reader that rarely meets with any success.

You might try writing your husband a little note...

Dear husband,

I know you are not a romantic by nature and this is possibly silly but every year on Valentines Day I feel sad. I would really like it if you could make some small effort to show me that you love me. AND it would be a good example for the kids...showing them that their wonderful Dad is not only talented at A,B,C but he can also show tenderness to his wife.

OK, You can unfollow me now. I mean, if you ever followed me to begin with.

I don't think two dozen red roses is it either. Some years my husband just leaves me a note on my desk along with a hersheys kiss. Hmmm.... come to think of it I wonder what he does with the rest of the bag - ha!

Ratz said...

You just made my day Nancy. I did not have a boyfriend in high school, so Valentine's Day was never a big deal for me anyway... this time, I am thinking of doing something... don't know what but...

Your heart fences are absolutely adorable...

tsonodablog said...

Well, this just officially tipped the cuteness meter! Love his little smile! Love the heart fences!

Formerly known as Frau said...

everybody needs love....I decorated and we made cookies yesterday! My hubby is not the most romantic and it's okay...makes it easier on me too! I love that your boys are involved and having fun with it!

theworkinghousewife said...

That's such a great idea, and a great way to teach your kids to think of ways to show love and kindess to others. :) Love it.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I fully believe in Valentine's Day. Once I started to recognize that it doesn't have to be a romantic holiday and that it can celebrate any kind of love that I want it to... I embraced it. My husband and I have date nights and everyday love and an anniversary to celebrate the romantic stuff. My friends and I have... well, ther eisn't really a day to just let friends and various family members know how much they mean to you!

mama-face said...

super crafty... this is not your first time! what a good idea.

i love you.

Coby said...

Like all your great teaching ideas, I'm stealing this one too. You rock.

only a movie said...

I make a big deal out of Valentines day at school because it's non denominational and my students can use all the sweetness they can get.

Other half has missed the mark over the years, but sometimes he gets it right. I like it better when he gets it right.

Stealing an idea or two for my classroom... :-)

From Tracie said...

We don't do much for Valentines day in my family. My husband is not really a "holiday" person.

But I'm loving the crafts and love happening at your house.

Bekah said...

This is just so fun and awesome. Your boys will love the memories you're making.

Minivan Lover said...

Well done!
I too typically hate Valentines Day, but I've been telling Parker it's a day when we tell the people special to us how much we love them. Looking at it from that persepctive instead of flowers and chocolate, makes V-Day more likeable :)

Michelle Pixie said...

I love LOVE love this! That's all anyone really desires. I love how you are teaching your boys to spread it. :)

Snuggle Wasteland said...

We have a motto at our church - Love Wins. I've started wearing a bracelet with those words printed on it. It's a good reminder. So is this post.

noisycolorfullively said...

Love it! Thanks for the shout out! But better, thanks for joining in the love.

The other night, we used the camera on our computer and set up a little photo booth. Then we smooshed all our heads in and made dozens of goofy pictures.

I ordered a collage (from Walmart, but they all do it) for like $2. It's now hanging in our livingroom. It was fun and cheap and a great reminder that we're in it together.

Ahhh--I love love!

Marla said...

Ah, I love all the cool things you are doing with the boys. But seriously, you don't feed each other heart-shaped chocolate mousse? I am so disappointed. :-)