Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If Owen Wrote the Blog...

Hello, my minions. You probably cannot wait to hear the latest musings of your leader.

Today, my mom took Baby Joel to the doctor, and left me with Miss Melissa and her son Bruce. This was all right in my book because Miss Melissa has a washer and dryer. The hypnotic tossing of the clothing, the smell of Tide, the churn of the that's good times.

Since Mom and Dad don't have a front-loader, I'm forced to entertain myself in other ways. For example: last night, I found the duct tape.
I asked Mom to tape ice packs to the sliding glass window. Perfectly reasonable, right? Then I decided that the tape would also be a fantastic way to keep a blanket on a chair, because I was making a garage out of a kitchen chair and a baby blanket.

Are you still with me?

Then, I decided that the tape also made fantastic roads and train tracks. So, I decided to make the entire house my own personal Beltway. See?

This kept me busy until bedtime.

This morning, when my mom dropped me off at Miss Melissa's house, she told me that if I was good, she would buy me more duct tape.

When Mom and Joel came to pick me up, Miss Melissa told my mom that I might be an engineer because I kept asking questions about motors.

I wasn't quite sure what that all meant. All I know is that every minute they spent talking was another precious minute away from the washer.

Miss Melissa is great, except that she thinks this guy is really interesting, too.
Even people with amazing washers and dryers have their blind spots.

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