Sunday, May 24, 2009

Normal Rules

When I wake up a 4:45 AM, all my normal rules fly out the window.

Joel has had a rough couple of days with the sleep---short naps resulting in him being over-tired, and difficult to settle down. We'll put him down for bed around 6, and he'll wake up periodically, crying and moaning, before falling asleep again. We can count on him hitting his head hard against the side of his crib at least once an evening, howling at the cruelty of this rough, cold world, and then once again, returning to sleep.

It's delightful. I'm not quite sure what is causing this pattern, but I'm guessing he's either working on another tooth or fighting a head cold. Possibly both. If it is a tooth, it had better be a Bugs Bunny-sized chomper for all the drama it's causing.

On second thought, I hope not. After all, they probably make baby-sized orthodontics, too. That would really complete the picture---blue glasses, braces on his four teeth, and his pants pulled up to his armpits a la Urkel.

I kid. You know he's cute. See?

Cute he may be, he's also getting up really early, which means one of us is getting up really, really early. Today, it was my turn. So, like I said at the top of this page, when it's 4:45 AM, most of my rules are...modified. If Joel wants to chew on the remote control, Paul's flip-flop, or a magazine featuring the wit and wisdom of Spencer Pratt, that's fine with me. Whatever keeps me from getting off the couch.

When Owen comes downstairs also entirely too early, because (despite my best intentions), Joel's grunting and "Ma-Ma-Ma-Mas" have awakened him, I don't hesitate to turn on the 6 AM showing of "Sesame Street," and then sit in the dark haze, staring blankly, all of us in our jammies.

And, when we put Joel back down at 6:45, and Paul decides to take Owen out for pancakes, I choose to ignore the fact that Joel WAKES UP AT 7:00. He's apparently ready to go after a restorative slumber of FIFTEEN MINUTES.

Instead, I turn on the computer, turn off the baby monitor, and pretend that the squeaks and bouncing coming from Joel's room are actually the gentle sounds of nature on this beautiful May morning.

My early morning. My rules.

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