Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Fragments: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Owen has really been into getting a dog recently. He announced over breakfast that he wanted "a nice dog with yellow hair like Joely." He added that the dog's name should be Splash.

"No, Buddy," I corrected him, "We've discussed this. The dog will be named Atticus if it's a boy and Scout if it's a girl. It's non-negotiable."

Owen shook his head fiercely and declared, "No Atticus, just Splash."

I sighed and put down my coffee cup. "Atticus is the awesomest name ever, son. I wanted to name you Atticus but your father wouldn't let me. What kind of name is Splash? Who do you know who has a dog named Splash?"

"Nobody," he said, shifting his eyes as he does when he's not being totally honest.

"Owen," I pressed, "Are you sure?"

He mumbled, "The guy on TV. The white haired guy."

I pondered. He doesn't watch much TV. What white-haired guy was he referring to? It came to me suddenly: "Do you mean Senator Ted Kennedy, Buddy?"

"Um-hm. The guy on TV!" Ah, it's clear now. The late Ted Kennedy was on a PBS kid's show, Ruff Ruffington.

My son cannot yet spell his last name, but he's already bought into the Kennedy Mystique.

Make no mistake, however. I will win this battle. The dog of our future will be named Atticus or Scout. End of discussion.  


Paul and I don't go to the movies very often. Like, ever. The last movie we saw in the theater was Iron Man.

We will be in Colorado visiting my parents at the same time that Iron Man 2 hits the screens. The symmetry is too perfect. We will see that film, and then we will not go to the theatres again for at least two more years.

It's okay. I have a massive crush on crazy Robert Downey Jr.

When I married Paul, I was excited to get the upgrade to the top of the alphabet. My maiden name started with a "M," and Paul's, of course, started with a "C."

I recalled many a time that I had to wait in school--for pictures or the Presidential Fitness Test (just to give two examples), until they got to the middle of the alphabet. Such agony! I wanted to be first! I hated waiting.

Sometimes, a teacher would switch things up, so Larry Ziegler got to be first and Lisa Armstrong was last. But guess who was still in the middle?

I really should have started a support group.

Let me throw out there that my maiden name was Mohrman, pronounced "Mormon." I have no issues with my Latter-Day-Saint friends and readers (Hi, y'all), but the Joseph Smith jokes got old. Yes I know: "If you're gonna bring 'em, Brigham Young!" Har. Har.

Let me point out I grew up minutes from one of the Mormon temples. I always had to tell Larry Ziegler that no,  my family does not sing in the choir.

By the way, my name actually means "Black Man" in German. And that is awesome. 

Anyway, I married Paul and figured that I could handle a few lame jokes about soup. After all, I would be one of the first names called.

Yesterday, I got the snack list for Owen's T-Ball and found out that I was first to provide snacks. I had minimal notice, yet threw it together. All because of the C last name.

I'm learning that with great power comes great responsibility.

*** Happy Friday, everybody! Thanks to Mrs. 4444 for hosting!

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Ms. Moon said...

Tee- hee on all of that. Except RD, Jr. whom I take very seriously.

Unknown Mami said...

That's a very good pic of Mr. Downey. Can't wait until you get Splash.

Coby said...

At least your maiden name wasn't Blunt - as in, "Coby, is your middle name 'Smokin'"? Or, "Coby, you're so BLUNT!' Or how about this - Coby Won Kenobe. Yeah. You shoulda started a support group. I would have been to every meeting there was.

I don't know why Paul wouldn't let you name a child Atticus. Maybe you could have another child and name it Splash? ;-)

Cheeseboy said...

I like Splash. I like Scout. Just call it Splout.

Sonya said...

oooh I love Atticus and Scout aswell..perfect names..espically if Atticus is a german shephard..

Anonymous said...

My in-laws have an orange cat. When they got him, the kids in the family named him Diego (I have no idea why).

My Father-in-law, wanted to name him Pete after a cat in some work of science fiction that greatly impacted his life in the 70's. When he was a philosophy major.

Anyway, He calls the cat Pete, the kids called him Diego for a long time, but eventually we all adapted and Pete it is.

The moral of the story: stick to your guns. Call the dog you do not yet have Scout or Atticus. Eventually it'll stick.

The end.

only a movie said...

Thinking up dog names is super fun. Let him make a list of names... then share with us.
Thank you very much for the RDjr. I think it might have to be my desktop background. My goodness.

Viv said...

I traded up in the alphabet too. And yes, a support group was needed.

Cat said...

I LOVE your dog names. Awesome sauce.

I was an R growing up, and after 3 years of marriage as a G, I'm an R again. And I share a last name with a popular candy, so I feel your pain on the lame-o jokes.

Thanks for the RDJ pic... nom...

mama-face said...

So many confirmations on our kindredness...

Atticus-I feel the same, have you considered Splash as middle name? :)

Robert Downey still my heart.

My maiden initial is H. How middle is that? (well maybe not as much...but close)

and I am a MORMON!!!!

please move in next door...:)

Minivan Lover said...

The last movie J and I saw was Iron Man. I have a dog you may have. Seriously. Come get her. She will be on the porch.

clearness said...

The last two movies I saw in a cinema were "What Dreams May Come" and "Everafter" yeah, It's been quite awhile since I've seen a movie......ha ha

Bethany said...

I'm an M too.
I like the middle though. Gives me time to get my shit together.
So funny about the snack list.
You always make me smile.
Thank you.
Enjoy your movie.

Bethany said...

I like your dog names, of course, but Splash is pretty cool too, esp if you get a Lab.

dek said...

Taking my name got Lisa out of jury duty last week: they called only A-J. Husbands are good for something after all.

Melani said...

I have not been to the movies with my husband in forever, I can't remember the last one we saw together. I can tell you I took the little one's to Princess and the Frog and my hubby and big kids went to see something else.

Well my maiden name began with a P, then I got married the first time and it went to W and now I am a poor Serena and Brandon will be at the end, prolly all the time! :(

Carolee / Home4ever said...

I think "Splah" is cute!

Ron & I have NEVER been to the movies- in over 12 years!

Visiting from Friday Frags

Jen said...

Ooh! When's the Colorado trip? Let's have lunch! ; )
I have yet to see Iron Man. I suspect I need to remedy that.
I went from "T" to "M." Not much of an improvement...
Jen at Laughing at Chaos