Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm Resorting to Lists.

Today I cleaned up: 
1) Preztels. They were crushed under Joel's mighty heel, naturally.
2) Wet beans with dirt and flour mixed in it
3) Greek yogurt and Spanish rice. Mixed together.
4)  Finger-paints. From the bathroom mirror. 

Today I let: 
1)....Joel spit three half-eaten tomatoes into my hand
2)....Owen wipe his nose on my sweater
3)....Joel run around naked for five minutes. There must be something satisfying about the flapping.

Yesterday I said: 
1) "Owen, where did your penis go?"
2) "Joel, stop licking your brother."
3) "We do not feed rocks to the chickens!"
4) "Owen, get the hose out of your nostril, please."

Right now I am: 
1) Feeling a wee bit uninspired.
2) Resorting to lists
3) Wondering if I will regret my snacking choice (coffee and dried apricots) in an hour or so.

What's on your list?  


Ms. Moon said...

This reminded me of my daughter reminding me recently of how, when the kids were little and needed to blow their nose desperately and I had no Kleenex, I would let them use the hem of my skirt.
"Really?" I asked my daughter. "I did that?"
So it's good to make lists. Otherwise, you will forget things.

clearness said...

Here is the list that I just sent out


1. Becky

2. Rebecca

3. Mommy

Three places I've lived:

1. Potosi


3. Saint Peters

Three things I love to watch:

1. The ocean tide coming in

2. A waterfall

3. My children playing

Three places I have been:

1. Miami Beach Florida

2. Beverly Hills California
3. Pensacola Beach Florida

Three people that email me regularly:

1. My rich deceised uncle who has left me a fortune (I still need to get around to sending him my bank information so he can deposit my check)

2. The foreign lottery people who too want my checking account information to deposit my check
3. Bank of America, telling me my account has been breached (I don't even have an account there)

Frau said...

great list and it's all about survival.

Coby said...

Kudos to Joel if, at his age, he flaps when he runs around naked!

I love lists - they soothe me. It's the whole "box mentality" thing.

I love your list, in particular. So...where DID Owen's penis go?

only a movie said...

It's a list-making sort of day. Loved these.

Melani said...

Hmm, lists....I have never done one like this before. My lists usually consist of the things I need from the store, I have a Target list, Costco list and then a list of things I need to do for the day, like make appointments and such...becuase if you know me, you know I have a horrible memory and will forget if I don't write it down.

Today I:

1. changed more then 3 crap diapers, what's wrong with these kids?
2. have swept up goldfish, crackers and bread from my floor and it is only noon!
3. had to put drops in my Gingers ear, and had to hold him down, poor thing, he cried
4.squirt Brandon in the face numerous times already today for spitting, I think, I might resort to the hot sauce again
5. feel depressed, I usually feel this way after my son goes back to his dad's and today it just seems worse

mama-face said...

think about cleaning the bathroom.
start cleaning the bathroom.
answer the phone.
start cleaning the bathroom again.
answer the phone

eat lunch.
read blogs.

(I think you have several posts within your list).

Bekah said...

I live by lists! They are soothing. Today I:
1. cleaned puke out of my car
2. cleaned puke off my living room floor
3. cleaned puke out of my daughter's hair.

There, I feel better already!

Bekah said...

I live by lists! They are soothing. Today I:
1. cleaned puke out of my car
2. cleaned puke off my living room floor
3. cleaned puke out of my daughter's hair.

There, I feel better already!

Unknown Mami said...

1. Get as much work done as possible.

2. Find excuses to take breaks from work.

Erin said...

Your last line about coffee and apricots has me HOWLING with laughter!!!

Rinkly Rimes said...

You certainly lead a wild life!

June said...

If I didn't make lists I would be lost. I even make lists on my blackberry in case I leave the physical list at home! (which I have done numerous times)

PS. Kids never grow out of making a mess on the floor, just ask Pinkus.

ModernMom said...

LOL Oh I loved your lists!
Something enjoyable about flapping! Ha HA!

Jenny said...

Great post! Loved your lists! I can't usually even find the pencil to write one with so you are wayyyy ahead of the curve here with me girl.

Cat said...

I'm jumping on your bandwagon, because I love your answers and feel your need for inspiration...

Today I cleaned up:
1) Dirty diapers, half eaten by my sister's dog
2) My breast pump parts
3) Foam letters in the tub
4) Clothes. My room looks like a laundry bomb went off in it.

Today I let:
1)....Boy wake me up by hitting me in the face
2)....My desire for an afternoon beer overrule my need to job hunt (it's getting old)
3)....Boy have his nekkid time before school, because wow, does that child love his weenis. I feel you on the flapping around thing.

Yesterday I said:
1) "I'm gonna get you!" x50
2) "I do not go out more than a sorority girl!"
3) "No hitting mommy in the face!"

Right now I am:
1) about to go drink a beer outside
2) Resorting to lists
3) Enjoying your blog
4) Texting 2 guys and praying I don't get mixed up

Marena said...

Nancy, you may feel uninspired, but know that you inspire me! I love reading about your life and the great attitude you apply to it!

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

Owen, where did your penis go? Hahahaahahaha! You crack me up, Nancy.

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

PS Greatest list EVER!

Bethany said...

Oh my gosh, fantastic lists Nancy.

I am going to start a new list now.
1. find all scribbled lists in various notebooks.
2. combine lists.
3. actually DO the things on them.

Or maybe instead:
1. make brownies.
2. eat brownies.
3. don't feel guilty.

Jen said... one MomOfBoys list. LOL! I can't imagine under what situation "where did your penis go?" came up, but I think I have also said "stop licking your brother." Yogurt and rice, especially mixed together, is a fine substitute for grout. So do wet Rice Krispies. Ask how I know this...sigh...
Jen at Laughing at Chaos