Friday, November 28, 2008

Are you sure this is an over-the-counter drug?

Whoa...I've been fighting a head cold for a few days, and finally broke down and bought some cold medication. I had to make sure that I bought the medicine that is okay for breastfeeding mothers, and is NOT non-drowsy. Otherwise, I'm asking for a very awake baby.

So, I'm on the medication, and I'm just flying along. Everything seems to be a little loose, a little, well, floaty. I'm reminded of an especially odd episode of Intervention, where the addict of the week, a "robotripper,"drank bottle upon bottle of cold medicine and then babbled on about the insights and wisdom he gained from the high. As I recall, he even prostituted himself to support his cold medication habit. I mean, really? Turning tricks? For a Robitussin high?

I must admit that I'm kinda liking this floaty feeling, but the idea of chugging bottles of grape-flavored cough syrup turns my stomach. I don't care if Buddha, Christ, and Jerry Garcia all visit you simultaneously in a bright shiny vortex of Love---no thank you!

On an unrelated topic, I've decided that I want my sister-in-law to come to my house and take over everything. First, she will open all my drawers and cabinets, and rearrange the contents until they are as organized and functional as hers. Next, she will tell me what colors to paint my walls. Following that, she will go with me to the nursery, tell me what to buy, and help me landscape my backyard. She will then take me to the department store and do a "What Not to Wear" treatment, revamping my wardrobe. Finally, she'll morph into Supernanny and help me find ways to patiently and effectively deal with Owen's tantrums. I say all of this without a trace of envy, just love. Erin is the me I hope to be someday...

So, with that, I'm going to go sit in the living room and stare and the pretty, pretty colors...

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