Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Hangover

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Halloween 2008

We had a great time trick or treating last night---we did what's becoming an annual tradition. We drove five minutes away to our friend's house and had appetizers and drinks. I had no idea until last year that one of the reasons adults are so happy during trick or treating is that the parents pre-party with cocktails before hitting the streets. Apparently, there is even a neighborhood in Huntingtown that has a full bar set up at one of the houses. A whole world is opening up to me---the sordid underbelly of children's holidays. Next you'll be telling me that St. Patrick's Day is about more than wearing green and getting pinched on the playground...

Anyway, we went trick or treating at their neighborhood, then did the same thing at our neighborhood, ending with Pumpkin Spice Cake at our house. A sugary good time was had by all.

Oh, and Owen was a pirate; Joel was "Superbaby." I'll add pictures when I can.

Owen was a little too authentic with his piracy and decided to tackle the survy knave of the asphalt driveway. He had road rash and a cut over his eye with real, gooshing blood. He cried several manly pirate cries before allowing us to put a Piglet bandaid on his wound. We expect a full recovery.

I ran my first post-Joel 5K today. It was a lot of fun, but my time was not the best. A gaggle of 6th graders from the Boys and Girls club Kicked. My. Ass.

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