Sunday, November 2, 2008

Putting Joel to Sleep

Having the second child, among other things, helps you realize how bat-shit crazy you were during the infancy of your first. At least, that's my experience....

Owen did not sleep in his crib during the day with any consistency until he was eight months old. He slept in slings, "buzz chairs," swings, car seats, and other such nonsense. I would always take the long way home to prolong naps, and was not above sitting in the car with a book for sometimes one to two hours while Owen dozed. It made perfect, logical sense to drive to Annapolis (almost two hours away) because I could go to the drive-through Starbucks and get a nap in for my finicky little boy.

Fast forward two years. My finicky little baby is now a toddler, prone to yelling for no logical reason. One of his favorite non sequesters is "STAND UP AND SHOUT!" He will yell this at the grocery store, during communion at church, bedtime, and yes, in the car. Thus, the perfect storm of loud toddler, new baby, and soaring gas prices have forced me to find different ways to get Joel to sleep.

So, I've tried something really revolutionary. I put Joel in the crib. I turn on the mobile. I walk away. Sometimes he fusses and I try again later. Sometimes he goes to sleep after about five minutes of fussing. Sometimes, I give up and put him in the swing. But, I have yet to drive out of county lines in hopes of getting a nap in.

Now that I've written this smug post, he will not sleep anywhere but in my arms, using me as a human pacifier, as revenge.

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