Friday, July 17, 2009


With an epic argument with his friend regarding the merits of "froggy soap" vs. "fishy soap," Owen bid adieu to another year of Vacation Bible School. Another year of songs, crafts, running outside, and stimulation, stimulation, stimulation.

I think it ended at the right time. During today's "music time," the kids stared blankly at the stage, nearly catatonic. When I went up to do the super-cool dance moves (as modeled by the insanely happy, multi-ethnic cast on the TV screen), Owen burst into hysterical tears and clutched my leg. "No, Mommy! Stop! Noooooooo!" Although the song said, "Living on the edge is what we do," Owen's new lyric was, "Being a tired whiner is what I do."

He perked up a bit---there was a Moon Bounce! S'mores! Puppetry! But the fork had hit its mark, and we were indeed, done.

Which leads us abruptly to next week, in which we plan to do...nothing. No swim lessons. No day camp. Nuh-thing.

I hope that Owen is able to make the adjustment, and return to the normal routine I like to call: Life is Boringful.

We'll wake up and eat breakfast in our pajamas. I'll brew a big pot of coffee and nurse it throughout the morning. We'll probably build a fort by the couch. Owen will help me do laundry, and he'll tickle Joel until his laughter echoes throughout the house.

Joel will grow more confident in his walking each day, as he now is able to stagger across entire rooms, searching for the bright light or shiny object he so fervently desires. He'll surely waddle over to the piano at some point to press on the keys, delighting in his cacophony, his own booming composition.

At some point, we'll wander outside to play with the PVC pipes, water the plants, or make a "nest" out of assorted debris. Once Joel goes down for his nap, we'll dig for worms in the front yard, or paint a picture on the easel.

Or, perhaps we'll call Grandma in Colorado to tell her about the washing machine--again--. We may instead read about Dodsworth and that crazy duck as they travel around New York and Paris.

We'll eat cherry tomatoes and hot dogs once Joel gets up, and then we'll take a short field trip. If we're lucky, to the gym. Or perhaps the library. Or Panera. Or, if we're really on top of things, to a friend's house. But whatever we do, it will be easy.

Because this week coming up is not about bells and whistles. It's about the simple pleasures of two boys, one house, and these perfect summer days.

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Coby Goesling said...

Just lovely. Those are some of the best days.