Thursday, July 30, 2009

Living the Dream

In my version of heaven, there will be mimosas. Lots and lots of mimosas. There will also be bacon, gooey egg casseroles, and perfectly ripe blackberries. In other words, heaven will serve brunch.

Whenever we travel to more exotic locales---Annapolis, Charlottesville, Asheville, Boulder---(okay, perhaps I've set the "exotic" bar a bit low)---I picture myself living there, and dining on egg-white omelets or sweet-cream infused French Toast. I would become one of those effortless urban mothers, who wear their babies in designer slings and smell of lavender essential oil. While I eat my delectable breakfast, drink my organic coffee, and read The New York Times (because that is what I would read in my fantasy, instead of the gossip section of The Post), Owen would scamper in fields of wildflowers while Joel nestled in my sling.

This will be as likely to happen as my cake decorating career. Behold!

As soon as I took the cake out of the pan, it did this:

Refusing to be thwarted, I did this atrocity:

Which made me very angry, like HULK! SMASH!:

After much repair work and forced intervention by my mother, we ended up with this:

My friends cooed and said it was great. I have wonderful, deceitful friends.

While it is entirely possible that I will never have my own cake-themed program on the Food Network (that is, unless Cake becomes a TV show), I will do my best to be a bruncher.

Hence, I declare to you today that all of my parties, whether it be a New Year's Eve bash, a Halloween get-together, a birthday party, or a Bachelorette soiree, will be a brunch.

It's called living the dream, folks. Living the dream.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy!

So I've been following your blog for a month or so - I go to COS in Longmont and have gotten to know and truly appreciate your mother (she has told me all about you and your blog - which feels weird as you know nothing about me(stalker!) but I have two small and ever-so-adorable kiddos as well) - Can I just tell you I LOVE your blog as you can so eloquently write what I've been feeling. You've inspired me to start a blog which I will give you the link to when I actually start it. Please know that anytime you come to CO we must get together as I will invite you to sit with me on Pearl street and read the NYTimes while eating egg white omelettes stuffed with fresh-from-the-farmers-market spinach and smoked gouda while the children play quietly and happily at our feet.... or ... How 'bout just a glass of red (or a mimosa if it is brunch) that we can hope does not get spilled as the kids run past...either have an open invitation. Cheers!

ajsamc25 (at) yahoo (dot) com