Thursday, September 24, 2009

And now, for something completely different.

Okay, not completely different.

Actually, pretty much the same. Still me. Still writing. Still often writing about faith.

A few weeks back, my pastor and I were gabbing, and by the time the gabbing was over, I had volunteered to start a new adult class at the church.

The class is a ten-week experience to explore faith through the prism of the creative process. I call it "Writing Our Faith"

Every other Thursday, at St. Nicholas Lutheran Church, in Huntingtown, MD, we will meet to discuss faith and the writing process. We will read from Scripture and from assorted writers. We will have a good chunk of time to actually write. We will share our works, if and when the spirit moves us.

Yes, there will be snacks. If you're local, feel free to join us.

Additionally, there will be a companion blog.  On this blog, I will include a virtual version of the evening's activities. People are encouraged to post their own writings and/or comments about the texts and activities.

The blog is open to all. You don't have to be Lutheran, or belong to a specific faith community. This is an opportunity to explore faith and evolve as writers.

Thus, until I get this under control, I will put Writing Wednesdays on hold so I can prepare adequately for this class. Please check this out. I'm excited, and I'm sure great things will happen.

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Paul said...

Blessings on this endeavor. I'll miss Writing Wednesdays, but it's great that you can share your passion with your faith community in this way!