Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Intentions

I had the best of intentions.

I took both boys to Giant this morning, because I think that sawdust and recycled newspapers are not the ingredients for a delicious dinner. And that was what we were having unless I bought groceries pronto.

We went to a different Giant than normal, and Owen practically did a jig when he saw that this store also had "kid carts"---miniature, kid-sized shopping carts, complete with the "Shopper in training" plastic flag.

I'm a big fan of these carts when its just O and me---it's an opportunity to talk about colors, sizes, nutrition, choices, etc. Owen loves to help, and it's really adorable to watch him scoot his little cart around, saying "Hi," to all of his fellow shoppers.

Now, when I have a grocery list longer than the Magna Carta and a hungry baby in the big cart, the inventors of the kid cart become nothing less than evil geniuses.

First of all, Owen hit me in the heels at least three times. Accidentally. But, still.

Secondly, he added all sorts of nonsense to the cart, such as to-go packs of Oreos or processed cheese spread. Despite explaining that the Oreos, "Would help [him] feeeeeeel better," I stated to him that he only puts things in the cart if I tell him it's okay.

As I removed the fruit snacks, dog toys, and KY jelly from his kid-cart, I realized that he wasn't quite grasping the concept. Fruit snacks are banned, thanks to this incident. We haven't had a dog for years. And, okay, he didn't really put KY jelly in his kid cart. It would be funny if he did, though, wouldn't it?


On the way home, I screeched the tires and turned around, because I saw a baby/toddler slide displayed outside of the local thrift shop. Eight dollars later, and it was mine. I had the best of intentions: good family fun.

I somehow forgot that Joel is a climber. As I watched him climb up the slide side, and attempt to whiz down the ladder, I could hear the helicopter blades chopping through the skies for his next emergency airlift.

Also, I didn't clean the thing before I brought it into the living room, so Paul will be getting out the carpet steam cleaner and I'm sure there will be much questioning of my common sense and general grumbling.

It's too bad that I never learned how to use the steam cleaner, and that I'm meeting two friends for drinks tonight. Just tragic.

I had the best of intentions in teaching my kids to be autonomous and independent. I didn't count on Joel using his skills to take off his diaper whenever possible.

I leave you with this, the results of my good intentions.And yes, I dressed Joel in Owen's shirt because I was too lazy to go upstairs. Wanna make something of it?


Corrie Howe said...

Do I take this to mean that you had the best of intentions of Writer's Workshop today? I'm so bummed. I was looking forward to it.

But I did enjoy your blog entry today. Will I see you at a 1st B-day party this weekend?

Nancy Campbell said...

It will make sense tomorrow why I neglected WW today.

And alas, no, I'll miss Dawn's party because I'll be with my in-laws in VA. Extra bummer that I won't meet you.

Corrie Howe said...

Nancy, please forgive me for posting this here as I have no other way to reach you.

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