Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Q and A

In an earlier post, I asked people to write questions for a future writing prompt. I'll use a few of those questions tomorrow, but I thought I would answer some today. Just cause.

Game: Some questions are real and some I made up. Figure out what's what and win a fantastic prize: a bag of magic beans.

1. Do you get dressed/shower/do hair/put on make-up every day, or some combination of those things?

I get dressed, without fail, every day. I may be wearing the cut-off sweatpants of doom and a T-shirt advertising NAU Homecoming, circa 1994, but I am not wearing my pajamas. Just clothing that looks like pajamas.  

I take showers, unless I don't feel like it. I would say I don't feel like it 2-3 times a week. However, I never go more than one day in a row without showering.

I rarely do my hair. Now that I have my new haircut, I've attempted to flat-iron it, but I'm sure this urge will quickly pass.

I always wear lipstick. I may have dirty hair and pajama-clothes, but my mouth is kissably soft and brilliant red.  

2. What did you teach  in the message for children? How old are the children listening to the sermon?

It was the first day of Sunday School, so I talked about spiritual gifts.  The kids got to open little bags that had different spiritual gifts--knowledge, music, skilled crafts, leadership, teaching---inside and we talked about these gifts and who has them in the church. We talked about how everybody has spiritual gifts and how we can use these gifts to love God, love each other, and serve the world.

I'm not sure how much they got, but they enjoyed opening the presents.

The kids are mostly kindergartners or younger. They are a fun group, but the kids in the second service (the "contemporary" service with the guitar band) are feisty. One girl told me that she gets presents for "Hatch Day." I immediately made a connection to the show Lost---the hatch? Dharma Initative?--and got a solid wall of silence. I feared that the clown from the Apollo Theater would come out with his broom and sweep me away.

With that same group, a girl was kind enough to tell me that Owen "Didn't have his eyes closed" during the prayer. I refrained from asking her how she knew that. (Confession: I'm approaching my mid-thirties and I still peek during prayers to see if anybody else has their eyes open.)

3. Who picked out these wonderful glasses?

Joel's ophthalmologist from Children's Medical Center recommended the MiraFlex frames because they are virtually indestructible.

We're happy with them, except that a lens will occasionally pop out. That's a lot of fun to find, as you can imagine.

4. How many cells are in an Excel document?

I just happen to know that because I'm taking an Excel class so I can teach English to middle schoolers again someday. I'm also paying 25 dollars for the privilege, along with the cost of babysitting.

The answer? 16,777,216.

5. Since this post is really boring, why don't you reveal a few embarrassing tidbits to shake it up a bit?


I have so much hair on my toes that Paul calls me "Bilbo Baggins." 

I miss having a dog, so I can blame the farts on her. 

My mother once tried to make me eat a beetle because I was "bugging her."

I once got into a stubborn snit and told my parents that I wouldn't go to bed until they said "Boogers." They wouldn't do it, and this was the most epic standoff of my eight-year life. Today, when I'm trying to prove a point, my mom or dad will sometimes cut me off with one word: "Boogers." 

My brother popped a hole in his waterbed with a butterfly knife. Twice. 

When my brother and I were supposed to share a bag of gummy worms, he would spit in the bag so I wouldn't eat any more. 

I always wash my hands after using the bathroom, but I hate doing it, and resent it silently, every time.


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Corrie Howe said...

HAHAHAHA! I have a friend who made me swear that when she died that she was in the casket with her red lipstick and earrings. She didn't care about anything else. But she did care about meeting her grandmother in heaven not wearing lipstick or earrings. This apparently is the worst thing you can do in her family.