Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Obligatory Owen's-First-Day-Of-Preschool Post

It was fantastic. Whenever I doubt that God is looking out for us, I'll remember this day.

On the way to school, after we had stopped at Starbucks (of course), Owen was giving me my marching orders:

"Mom, when you drop me off at preschool, make sure that you give me a kiss and a hug. Don't forget." He pointed his little finger at me, as if he was giving a lecture on quantum physics.

"I'm on it, Buddy," I replied. I swallowed hard, worrying for him. I truly felt, in my heart of hearts, that he would be fine. But yet, what if today was the day that everything was too scary, too much, too everything?

We went inside, and posed for slightly awkward pictures.

Then, he immediately went to the washer and dryer and started playing.

I said, "Okay, Owen, come here and give me a hug and kiss goodbye." Owen continued playing until I pressed the issue, "Owen, I'm leaving!"

"Okay, Mommy, here's your hug." He gave me a quick hug and immediately went back to work. Those imaginary clothes have stubborn stains, as you can imagine.

I left, and Joel and I did storytime and went to Panera with some other moms. I even squeezed a quick run in. This is the magic library-Panera-Starbucks-gym quad of awesome which made this preschool the front-runner.
When we returned to school, I learned that Owen's job of the day was "Cheerleader." He was given a sparkly wand, and he pointed to a chart that had the letters of his name on it. The teacher said, "Give me an O," and Owen pointed to the O with the wand. This was repeated with all of the letters, and then Miss Speck said, "What does that spell?" and the kids cried, "OWEN! YAY!" This is the chart:

If that isn't proof of a loving God, I don't know what is. My baby, on his first day of school, EVER, got an entire room of children to cheer for him. I didn't cry when I said goodbye to him, but I almost did when I heard this story.

In addition to cheerleading, Owen made silly putty, read a book called Silly Sally, ate cheese sticks and grapes, learned more about the letter "S," and had recess. Too wonderful.

When he came out, he ran to me, smiling ear to ear. Miss Speck said, "Owen is very polite. He's a fantastic kid."

Thank you, Lord, for this amazing first day.


Coby Goesling said...

It seriously does not get better than having a whole room full of kids cheer for you on your first day of school. That is so sweet! And I love that he went right to the washer/dryer...

Corrie Howe said...

Yeah!!! For both of you!!! I personally like it better when my kids want nothing to do with me on their first days rather than clinging and crying and someone having to pull them off.

Everyone has a much better day.


sd said...

My daughter's first day of kindergarten. Me: Taking pictures of her by the bookshelf, by the bulletin board, sitting in the circle of chairs. My daughter: "Mom? Why are you still here?"

Melani said...

I am late reading posts, sorry! But congrats on a wonderful first day! :)

Anonymous said...

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