Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Confessions of a Crabby Ass.

Oh my goodness, y'all, I've had a shitburger of a day. 

*Joel sick and coughing and slightly feverish.

*Owen is now coughing and starting a runny nose.

*This means that I can't go to the petri-dish of a gym to burn off some aggression.

*This also means that Owen won't go to preschool tomorrow.

*This also means I get to drag Owen along to Joel's Ear-Nose-Throat appointment tomorrow. I'm so excited to plunk down another $30 specialist fee so that she can say, "Tubes still look good."

*Today, we trekked up to Children's National Medical Center to have Joel's eye appointment. Our referral had expired, which resulted in frantic phone calls and a great deal of eye-rolling and muttering from husband. That would be the husband who had specifically taken off work to go to this appointment  Thankfully, we got in, but if we had needed to reschedule, Paul would have done the Socratic method with me all the way home: "Why didn't you check the referral date? I just don't understand..."

*We plunked down $30.00 for this specialist as well. 

*Joel still doesn't need surgery, thank God. However, he wasn't doing as well as last time. His left eye is crossing with more frequency. This could be attributed to him being under the weather. Dr. T says that Joel will probably wear glasses until he's at least thirteen. It makes me sad to know that he will have that extra inconvenience and  be "different" throughout his entire childhood.

*After we got back from the hospital, we went to the playground. Owen was going down a slide and he started crying. "Help! Mommy! Help! The poop is coming out and I can't stop it!"

*One discarded pair of Lightening McQueen underpants later, we drove home. Owen didn't want to eat tomatoes, and decided to voice his displeasure by throwing the dish on the floor, scattering tomatoes everywhere.

*I ate my lunch of tomatoes (flavored with floor seasonings) and cottage cheese. Considered crying, except that nothing really bad had happened to warrant such nonsense.

*Took a shower, changed into pajamas.

In less whiny news...we have  a winner. To celebrate my blogiversary, I had this giveaway.

I went to,  like won did on her honest and always-thoughtful blog. I wanted to be totally on the up-and-up with my first blog giveaway. I did the Number Generator, eliminating the double-comment from my cousin, David, (thereby giving everybody one equal chance to win the Starbucks gift card.)

I punched in appropriate numbers, and the randomly selected winner is.... Caution Flag! Congrats! Please contact me so I can get your info...

Now, here's the problem: Unlike my technologically-savvy friends, I couldn't figure out how to get the actual drawing widget up. So, you'll just have to take my word for it. I swear there were no shenanigans involved. Truth.

I don't know how to end this entry, so here's a picture of Joel attempting to bludgeon something. Enjoy!


Corrie Howe said...

I'm sorry that you are having a bad day. I'm glad that you can get some of the stress out by blogging when you aren't able to go to the gym!

Stephanie said...

It *does* sound like a shitburger of a day. I hope you're all healthy again soon.

Caution Flag said...

That's a terrible, terrible day, lady! You SHOULD complain and you SHOULD be exhausted. Hope the boys are doing a little better today and that you get to have at least 5 good, solid laughs :)

Thanks for the card!!!! I can't wait to use it :) Will send the info to you now.

Alice said...

Nancy, See my crabby day "fearfully and wondrously made" blog today. Joel's eye-glasses fit into those thoughts, too.

By the way, do you know that I was cross-eyed as a child? I wore a patch (actually a black lens on one side of my glasses) during kindergarten years. Also stopped wearing glasses about 8th grade.

Also was really mad at my mother when I had to pick out frames while my eyes were dilated. I thought I was getting pretty pink frames, but later found out they were red and white striped...and I hated them for the next year.

Remember, every kid (and every aunt - again see my blog) feels different about someting.

Unknown Mami said...

You know what? Joel looks so unbelievable cute in glasses and even though it will be a challenge to be "different" people will still like him.

You know what else? You are hilarious and a great writer.