Saturday, October 3, 2009


Contrary to the information in this post, Christopher McCandless was killed by poisonous potatoes, not mushrooms. Damn, those carbs are e-vil. (Thanks to hubby Paul and my friend Jenny for the heads up.)

My mother told me that there was mold on the high chair tray. I said, "Ew! Throw it away!" She informed that that she could clean it with bleach and a toothpick. It took all of three minutes.

"Throw it away," I heard her muttering to herself, "Who raised you?" I stand corrected, Mom.

Mom really likes to eat noisy pecans for snacks. She had a bag of nuts that were flavored with orange zest, black pepper, and sweet cranberries. I mocked her endlessly. "Are you enjoying your sardine and nutmeg flavored pecans, Mom?" She would stick out her tongue, and then chew with extra relish.

This flavor combination sounded dreadful. Then, I tasted one. Of course, they were delicious.

I hate it when that happens.

In this post, I talked about how I never text message, because I like "keeping it real." Well, Paul added text messaging to our phones because he sometimes gets texts from clients, and you see where this is going....

I totally text all the time. My friend Julia and I send weird comments to each other about once a day:

She texts, "Ugh I hate it when people emphasize "pea' vs. "pen" in the word penalize."

I respond, "I just saw a squirrel trip."

She says, "Everything is more fun when it comes out of a cool dispenser. Like toothpaste."

I answer, "Foamy soap makes me so very happy."

We do this all the time. I got a text from my friend that says, "_____ was talking about how skinny and cute you looked today. I agree!" Because of this text, I will never, ever get rid of my present phone.

Text messaging is fantastic. Again, corrected.

(PS--I like Twitter, too.)

The one thing that does NOT need correction is the fact that all of my friends who had babies this week make beautiful parents, and their children are lovely. Congrats to Coby and Shayne for Joshua James (who, apparently, is a dead ringer for Michael Jordan--minus the tongue issues.), Laura and John for Jack Robert, and Leslie and Joe for Cash Joseph.

The world is three babies more beautiful.


Corrie Howe said...

Wow! Three new babies in one week in your circle of friends. What was happening back about 40 weeks ago?

I only text one of my son's friends. It is the only way he'll communicate with me. I'm afraid I'll have to get a text friendly phone, because he can send me three messages before I can type out one. Why won't he just email me like my other "son" from Spain?

Coby Goesling said...

Oh no, Joshua does the tongue thing!

My mom does weird snacks too - then waxes poetic about it. I just want to say, "Man, cheetos are damn good!" instead of, "These turmeric tofu nuggets are just wonderful atop a bed of rocket greens." It's really irritating.