Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ghille Suits, Speeding Chickens, and Porky Politicians.

Owen is sleeping with lumber and insisted in wrapping the playhouse in string.


Every afternoon, around two-thirty, my mouth starts watering, and I know, at that moment, that I would do unspeakable, unspeakable things to have some kind of Asian food.

The new Writing Our Faith class is up. Check it out here.

My friend Corrie sent me two links that show Calvert County at its finest. The first is a bit groan worthy, but it is minutes from my house and involves, yes, chickens.

The second is a lengthy article describing a train-wreck of a local politician. She brings her pigs with her everywhere (in fact, that's why she moved to the county). She regularily brings a pig to the local BBQ joint, which is sick and twisted. I wouldn't bring my  children to a cannibal restaurant. Just sayin'

(Also, she hates teachers, which makes her, in my mind, mockable).

Finally, my friend Melissa saw a man dressed like this in the local hardware store.Are you kidding me?

I think I'm going to wrap the house in twine and take a long nap with a sheet of lumber. If the above events are normal, what is considered strange?

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Corrie Howe said...

Thanks for using the links. I hope everyone has a chuckle out of them like I did. And I hope that they understand that it's not really a good indication of the place where we live. :-)

At least not to me.