Friday, May 14, 2010

I Promise I Will Not Quote John Denver

Okay. Take some beautiful mountains. Add a university. Mix in some dogs. Make that a freakin' boatload of dogs. Throw in some organic local produce and just a splash of legally-sanctioned-medical bong water. What have you got?

My parent's adopted hometown* of Boulder, Colorado. This, my friends, is where I spent this last week.

Thus, Friday Fragments, aka Sundays Fridays in My My Parents' City 

*In the spirit of total disclosure, my parents don't actually live in Boulder, because they also enjoy eating and basic medical care. It was either a Boulder mortgage or that, but not both.

I really feel like I could live in Colorado because I've always been a fan of dressing like I'm hiking all the time. In the airport alone, I saw hiking boots, several ponchos, and enough hemp necklaces to dock a large sailboat.

It doesn't take long to get sucked into this state's grungy web. This is what I looked like on my second day there:

I am in the bathroom of a REI, because that is what you do when you visit my parents. We visit REI and the Boulder Running Company.

No visit is complete without buying totally unnecessary athletic footwear:

These Keene shoes are waterproof, designed for trail walking, water-hiking, and for being a bad-ass. I wore mine to the grocery store this morning.

In Colorado there are running paths everywhere. As I ran, I saw adorable prairie dogs scampering on land specifically protected for their scampering needs. I also saw the state-of-the-art recreation center with a swimming pool and a free indoor playground and a climbing wall.

I determined that I desperately wanted to move to Colorado immediately.

Then, God sent me this little reminder:
This is my parents' backyard on Wednesday. Colorado people tell me that the snow doesn't last, and that it melts quickly and blah blah blah.

I'm sorry. Snow in May? Eff that.

The reason for this trip, besides visiting my family, was for Paul to run the Colorado Marathon in Ft. Collins.
Here he is, crossing the finish line:

He did well and enjoyed himself, despite the altitude. He already has plans to do a race next summer in Leadville, Colorado. This race is at 13,000 feet. This is insanity, in my book.

One may conclude that my husband is a masochist, but as long as it stays out of the bedroom, it's not my problem.

Here's the obligatory post-race family shot:
Do you notice that Owen has commandeered Paul's medal? He was telling anybody who would listen that he earned it by running really, really fast.

Just as I had determined that everybody in Colorado was disgustingly fit, we went to the movies to see Iron Man 2.

We went to an uber-shitty mall which seemed to sell mostly air and dust mites, because there were no actual stores. We saw lots of people looking like normal people, not like fitness models.

I must admit, it felt good to see that people in Colorado eat nachos too.

The movie was all that I had hoped it would be. Uninterrupted time to look at this work of art:
 Yes, I know that I already posted this picture.

The main gift of this trip was time for my boys to see their grandparents. Time for Paul and I to unplug and reconnect. Time to be a family.

In Colorado, plants grow where they can, despite the obstacles, despite the challenges.

Likewise, this time together helped us to grow as a family, despite the distance, or the obligations, or the distractions.

Our roots are still strong.

Thanks to Mrs. 4444 for hosting Friday Fragments and Unknown Mami for hosting Sundays in My City
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Unknown Mami said...

I love this Fragments in my City post!

clearness said...

I loved this post. The beauty of the snow in May (which is really messed up no matter how beautiful it is)and the plants growing out of rocks.

Traci said...

There is no such things as too many hemp necklaces, too many posts of Robert Downey, Jr. pics (SERIOUSLY -- never too many!!!!), or too many quiet moments to reconnect.

I think Owen has a great future wearing medals -- just saying!

Ms. Moon said...

Beautiful! And what a runner!
I lived in Denver for a year and a half. It taught me all I needed to know about my desperate need to NOT live anywhere but the south.
Where plants do not have to grow out of rocks and it does not snow in May.

Mel said...

Great post, glad you had a great trip to visit family. I'm so excited about seeing Iron Man 2 - Robert Downy Jr is one of my very favorite actors. The picture you posted of him is dreamy.
Yes, mountain snow is awful. But spring mountain wildflowers almost make up for it! I miss mountains.
Welcome home.

Doreen McGettigan said...

I loved your post and the photo's of your beautiful family. I have never been to Colorado and really want to go. Maybe on my book tour. I did however get my two little terriers from Colorado..they survived a terrible flight but made it here in Philly in one piece!
Happy Friday...

Joanna Jenkins said...

Congratulations to Paul on the race!

It looks like you had a really great time in Colorado. It's great you could get away and enjoy your family.

Happy weekend,

mimbles said...

I spent 3 winters living in Boulder when I was a kid, had my 8th, 10th and 15th birthdays there. My Dad was on sabbatical from Sydney University and working with people at NCAR and the HAO. I've seen the tail end of summer and autumn there but never spring.

Great post. :-)

only a movie said...

I have not been to Colorado, but would love to... I try to hike a lot up here in our wimpy 4000ft mountains.

Thank you for the RDJ shot this a.m. Is the movie worth it?

smArtee said...

Hi I was reading this Hubs was looking on asking.."hey didnt they get snow there..."and then ..your pic of snow..he was very happy to be a part of this blog reading...I think now he gets it...or something..??...Hahahah....your trip seemed perfect...and your hubs is amazing..tell him and totally tempting...!!

Mrs4444 said...

I LOVED these fragments--so funny and entertaining, plus sweet. Sounds like the vacation served you well.

BTW, you are going to be my Favorite Friday Fragmenter next week :)

michelle said...

Love the family pict. You look happy there. Glad to hear the roots are strong.

SamiJoe said...

Everything you described sounds just like where i live. Congrats to your hubby--high altitude racing is tricky.

Adoption of Jane said...

I want those shoes!!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

Sounds like a great place except for that snow! WTH??

smArtee said...

Hi Amy..You're on LOL today..I forgot to let ya know....So link up if youd like and EnJoY..!

FabuLeslie said...

What a great post! My fave was the part about buying Keene's, what they are designed for, and how you used them to go to the grocery store. LOL. Sounds a lot like me. I love Austin for many of the same "casual" qualities. :)

Tracie said...

My in-laws have homes in Dillon, Estes Park, and Denver. Whenever we visit I get that 'I could live here feeling too' but I'm pretty sure I'm too fat and lazy for the CO lifestyle. Plus, I can't stand my in-laws. :)

Cat said...

I love Colorado. There's always something to do there. Looks like y'all had fun- congrats to Paul on that marathon.

I love that you sunk into the grunge on day 2. Awesome sauce.

Also, Iron Man 2? Magnificent. Was there dialogue and action? Cause I was kinda busy drooling over RDJ...

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

OMG I just adored this post. You are so funny and hilarious and insightful and honest. Like what you said about Keene shoes, "These Keene shoes are waterproof, designed for trail walking, water-hiking, and for being a bad-ass. I wore mine to the grocery store this morning." I'm still laughing. You are awesomeness. And I love how much you love your beautiful family. Great photos too!!! Esp the pic of you guys at the end. Totally heartwarming.

Jen said...

It is now eleventy billion degrees here, no humidity. MORE than makes up for that freak snowstorm.

You move here. Soon.

And we can ogle HIM together. Mmmmm... ; )

Jen at Laughing at Chaos