Monday, May 24, 2010

An Idiot Goes Wine-Tasting

I got the call, and took the challenge.

I went wine tasting.

I know. We all have to give.

We went to a winery right here in scenic Southern Maryland, proving once and for all that we're more than just a Super Wal-Mart and the Lord Calvert Bowling Alley. 

It was quite lovely.

Those are actual grapes growing but I was too tipsy distracted to remember the name of said grapes.

My friend, a former professional chef, made up a plate of awesome, and we sat in the tasting pavilion and forgot we had responsibilities.

I learned a few things:

1) It's considered tacky to bring a straw.
2) Malbec and Glenn Beck are very different. I would never bathe with Glenn Beck.
3) Perhaps it was not my greatest idea to bring up, apropos of nothing, the topic of sex toys. Several times.
4) Two very funny words include: "Niagara" and"Cuyahoga."
5) Normal people do not want to discuss my blog or theories about the season finale of "Lost."
6) The pourer was okay with spontaneous hugging. Not enough to fill 'er to the rim, though.
7) I don't understand anything about wine except this: I like it.

What is the best bottle you've ever had?


My Life in Purple said...

It looks beautiful there!!

I'm not as wine cultured as I would like to be..I prefer white to red, and a sweet white more than anything. I've done a few wine tastings, but only locally.

My absolute favorite is Barefoot Moscato, it rates a 07 on the sweetness. Oh So Good!!

Shell said...

That sounds like it was fun!

Dh and I got to go to a few wineries in CA a little over 2 years ago- but I was massively pregnant, so it really wasn't very much fun for me. I still took a few sips, though. Shhhhh!

Erin said...

I'm jealous! It sounds like you had a blast. I love wine. It often saves me when I'm having one of those days....the plate of awesome looks delish, too!

Beth said...

LOL! Great post and it sounds like a lovely time was enjoyed by all! :) I've never liked wine but the rest of that sounded good!

mama-face said...

Normal is over-rated. (did you really bring up your blog? :0)

I don't know what Malbec is; but I'm positive nothing would make me want to bathe with Glenn Beck.


Muliebrity said...

People who don't want to discuss theories of the season finale of "Lost"? No straws? Who are these people you are hanging out with?

Coby said...

My best bottle is any bottle over $3. Really, I'm a wine idiot - I just know I like it!

Ms. Moon said...

I want to go to a wine tasting! Oh. Wait. I'm allergic to wine. Shit. Beer tasting just doesn't sound as sophisticated does it?
What a nice day! I love the lessons you learned.

mimbles said...

What a lovely looking place! You're making me think it's time for another trip to the Hunter Valley. It's only about 1.5 hours north of Sydney and has a whole bunch of fabulous wineries.

Our most memorable tasting moment was when we were at Stanton & Killeen in Rutherglen about 7 hours drive from home. We'd tried a whole bunch of their wines and bought a couple of cases, then just as we were about to leave we were offered a free taste of their Grand Muscat. It was $75 (that's Australian dollars of course) a bottle so you normally had to pay to taste it. It was absolutely divine! But we weren't about to pay that much for one bottle of anything.

Half an hour down the highway heading for home we were seriously considering turning around and going back to buy a bottle, it really was that good. We didn't though, the kids would have mutinied.

Luckily I found our local bottle shop stocks it so I bought a bottle for my husband as a Christmas present that year.

Kori said...

I don't drink so I don't know from wine tasting, but the food looks good and the winery itslef is so lovely!

Tracie said...

I always knew I wasn't normal!

PS Can't answer your question as I'm wine illiterate. I do like to drink it though. :)

June said...

Ward had a ball making fun of me when we were at wine tasting because I kept pronouncing Merlot "Marlow"

Sounds like a very fun way to spend an afternoon.

blueviolet said...

I don't understand it either, except I have noticed it comes in different colors.

only a movie said...

The most I know about wine is that the label must have the magic words: 'no sulfites detected', because those sulfites are not my friend.

I like Frey Sauvignon Blanc - I rarely drink at all, but just typing this makes me want to buy a bottle. It's yummy.

Mrs4444 said...

My personal favorite was:

6) The pourer was okay with spontaneous hugging. Not enough to fill 'er to the rim, though.

Very cute. Glad you got away :)

FabuLeslie said...

My dad makes wine, and it's always such a treat to have his special creations, made with his grapes that he grows after buying them from a California grower and transporting them back to New Mexico. Ahh, food, family, wine, and laughs! What's better?

erika said...

I would discuss theories about LOST with you any day - and I loved the final episode.

You know you are not supposed to actually drink the wine at the wine tasting, but play around with it in your mouth to get the taste and then spit it out. (Or is it just a Hungarian thing?) Otherwise you will be hugging servers and talking about sex toys in no time :)

Caution Flag said...

I think that conversation must have been priceless!

Melani said...

Wine tasting is soooooooo much fun! Especially when you are NOT the designated driver. That place is beautiful!

My fav is a white zin from Trader Joe's, It is Charles Shaw and it is 1.99 so we call it Two Buck Chuck! LOL

BTW~ I have an award for you over at my place.

Joanna Jenkins said...

My husband recently discovered Malbec and likes it very much. since I don't drink I'd have to mix it with z-Up and fruit so I'm smart enough to take a pass. But if I did drink, I would definitely use a straw :-)

Glad you had a great time.

noisycolorfullively said...


I know exactly nothing about wine. But I do know quite a bit about social awkwardness... We'd make great friends!

Happy Tuesday!

dek said...

SoMD is the only place I know where you drive past old tobacco barns as you drive from one winery to the next. Good times.

Traci said...

You and I must find a way to share a glass (or four) one day!

Cat said...

It sounds like a good time.

I would totally get drunk on wine and talk about Lost and sex toys with you. And if Sawyer comes up, we can talk about both at the same time!

*LLUVIA* said...


I don't know anyhthing about wine, either!!! I like some of it!!