Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sundays in My City: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

On Friday, the boys did not nap and we were looking at a long afternoon of choke holds, acrobatics, screeching, and full-body combat.

So, we decided to take the two boys (four, and almost two) to their first professional baseball game, so they could wrestle in public, and we could pay for the privilege.

We took the Metro into DC, which, as always, was the highlight of the trip for all involved.

Joel got to point and say "Choo-choo." Owen got to ride an escalator. Paul and I got to see two young men "crunking" in the aisle. We also saw an entrepreneurial gentlemen selling soap and essential oils.

He pitched, "I got sandalwood soap. No more Glade, no more Febreeze. Gentlemen, you can smell like Obama! Ladies, you can smell like Michelle Obama."

I had no idea that the president bought his sandalwood soap on the Green Line.  Honestly, though, the salesmen had me at, "No more Glade."

We arrived at National Ballpark, home of your Washington Nationals (nee Senators). They were playing the Baltimore Orioles. Since I have no strong feelings about either team, I decided to go for the Nationals because one of their many mascots is Teddy Roosevelt. I mean, why not? 

The stadium is beautiful and still spankin' new.

We sat down for dinner. I ordered a hot dog because that's what you do. This is what I got:


Blink. Blink.

I was...impressed.

And frightened.

But I did what needed to be done.

I wonder, though, what this says about me. When I was still living in Arizona, we went to Alice Cooper's restaurant (yes, that Alice Cooper) by the Diamondbacks ball park.

I ordered a hot dog there called "The Big Unit."  I got this:

I was young. Naive. Single.

Very, very single.

All I know is that I've yet to recover.

I guess my standards are more realistic now.

I'll figure this all out in therapy.

We left the game after the third inning. Joel didn't want to sit, and Owen was learning all sorts of colorful expressions involving the phrase, "Your mother."

As we drove home, I asked Owen about his experience. "What was the best part, Buddy?"

His response was quick: "Going in the big refrigerator."

"Oh," I replied. He was referring to a field trip to Papa John's Pizza back in February. He got to see the walk-in freezer on that mythical, revered trip. Since then, that's been the best part of all excursions.

As he snuggled against me, we listened to the humming of the train, and I smelled his sweaty little neck. Perhaps we'll wait a few years before trying this again.

Or maybe not.

Thanks to Unknown Mami for hosting Sundays in My City. 

Unknown Mami


Mama Zen said...

I think it was Freud's mother who said, "Sometimes a hot dog is just a hot dog." Of course, she was probably trying to get young Freud to eat his lunch!

Lee Ann said...

Aw I love it! Sounds like a fun day x

only a movie said...

I saw the Big Unit featured on the Anthony Bourdain show.

I love baseball. Love.

Great post.

Joanna Jenkins said...

That was a fun tour and so much more!

You are brave taking little kids to the great big ballpark but it looks like you had fun.... and I'm NOT making any hot dog joke either ;-)

Happy SMIC,

Sonya said...

I just love your posts..they make me laugh so hard sometimes! LOL

FabuLeslie said...

Ok, this is a fun post. I love the pic at the end, and your boys sound so adorable in all your stories.

I admit I feel a little tingly after seeing all those extra-long weiners. Thanks! :)

Beth said...

I had no idea we should aspire to smell like the Obamas! Wonder how this knowledge will change my life?

Enjoyed reading this. Can totally relate to the Giant Refrigerator months ago.

adrienzgirl said...

Best part of going to baseball games for me is the hot dogs. Oh yes it is.

Erin said...

I can't wait to take the boys to a game!! We are planning this summer to do that (Mine are 3 and 21 months) I hope they do well!

I wish we had a minor league ball park around us!

And I was cracking up at the whole hot dog thing!!

mimbles said...

I love the big refrigerator thing. :-) It's funny how kids will get fixated on one response to certain questions. Reminds me of trying to play "I spy" on car trips when my youngest was little - everything, no matter what sound it began with, was "spiky tree!" That lasted about 6 months.

Unknown Mami said...

That is one impressive wiener you had your way with. I had no idea you had such a history with long tubular meats.

Salt said...

That is the scariest hot dog I have ever seen in my life. I don't think I could do it.

I was watching some of that very game on television! Rooting for the O's of course...because no matter how terrible they are I always have to. I'm sure we probably lost.

Jenny said...

You just make me laugh and all feels right in my world for a few minutes! Thank you, funny lady!

The Blue Zoo said...

Damn! That is some hot dog! LOL

Muliebrity said...

We have taken Logan to the ball game several times, but non since he began to walk and Hunter is deprived and has never gone. You are much better parents.

Cat said...

Still giggling over The Big Unit. And that entire paragraph.

I miss the metro. But I always did wonder how parents kept kids safe down there- babies+train tracks=scary to me.

Tracie said...

You should have bought some of that soap and mailed it to me. The stanky lady at Zumba needs it.

Mrs4444 said...

A perfect SiMC post! glad you had fun. Your hotdog bit is FUNNY! Thanks :)

Melani said...

I am a bit behind in reading! This was so worth it, as I sit and laugh to myself about the "hot dogs"...LOL :)

Glad they enjoyed at least part of the game.

myrelish said...

Great post, I enjoyed the chuckle! It always amazes me that you show kids something new and exciting and the highlight of their lives is a walk in freezer - too funny.

Bethany said...