Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Owen's teacher wrote, "Learning seems to come naturally to Owen. I would say just follow up on what interests him and he will do great."

This, naturally, warmed up my little raisin heart. My little guy...

I was so excited about this statement that I temporarily forgot that I am lazy, and decided to dedicate each week of the summer to learning about something of Owen's choosing. In my mind, I planned literacy activities, crafts, books, and field trips! Oh, the fun! I would be like the Pioneer Woman or that Duggar character, minus seventeen of her children.

Yes, I'm delusional. 

Here's Owen's Learning List:

1. Machines
2. Giraffes
3. Dump Trucks
4. Candy
5. Plumbing
6. Camping and Fishing
7. Movies
8. Glasses (not stemware...eyeglasses).

Well, shit. What have I got myself into?

I think I could handle movies. That week is solid.

As for the rest? I think I'll do the classic lazy-person cop out: ask the Internet.

(Save me.) 


Cat said...

Feel free to consult me during candy week, lol. I know you're not really into sports, but maybe something gentle? A putt putt golf week would be fun to me. Learn all about it!

LB said...

My son has an odd interest in plumbing, too! Seriously... He is always concerned about where things go after they are flushed. I've even gone so far as to show him a diagram found on the internet of how plumbing goes from a house, to the street, and into the city sewer system.

I don't remember ever caring. Maybe it's a boy thing??

clearness said...

For glasses, you can take him to see the optometrist. (most kids get their first visit somewhere near 4 or 5) Let him try on different pairs that have interesting shapes and colors and styles and such.

Ask the optometrist, if she will let your son look at and through the different lenses that have different +/- numbers. Let her do the work!

Have her expain the differences in 'lines' 20/20, 20/30, 20/100....etc!

Erin said...

laughing about the plumbing. you can come here to learn about that while my twin 4 year olds stop up the toilet with toilet paper on a regular basis. we'll make friends with the plunger and maybe even the Roto Rooter man!

Melani said...

At least you have a list...I guess I need to make one or else we will be doomed this summer!

Serena is currently taking a swim class on Saturday mornings...then I think there is an art class she wants to take thru the parks and rec, so I better get creative now, especially since I will have 2 5 yr olds and 2 younger ones!

Coby said...

How funny!

Uhm...lots of trips to the library? A trip to the construction yard - or whatever that place is called where they actually sell that kind of equipment (we have one here) with loads of dump trucks, front end loaders, diggers, cranes. Lots of times specialty stores (e.g., candy stores) will give tours of the store and machinery. A trip to Home Depot, buy some PVC pipe and have him build something and try to run water through it?

Girl, I just rip off other people's ideas. There's so much stuff out there! There's a blog I follow called "No time for flashcards." This mom is a superwoman. Another one called "Walking by the Way" - she has tons of great ideas.

SamiJoe said...

lmao that you mentioned Michelle Duggar. i was just writing a post about that lovely lady.

my she astounds me so.

can't wait to see what owen wants to learn!!!

Kori said...

My gosh, I feel like such a slacker mom. Seriously. My entire goal for the summer is to make sure none of the kids kill each other over the long vacation. this will involve perhaps separating them for periods of time, or stocking up on duct tape and clothesline. I wonder what my owen could learn from that? :)

blueviolet said...

Now that could be really, really fun! I did that type of thing for my kids when they were little and had an absolute ball with it!

michelle said...

many moons ago, I too had such lofty plans for summer

weekly culture trips to nyc
growing our own food
swabbing our inner cheeks to track our DNA
it took so long to get the results that in the end the kids didn't give a shit

this summer they're all getting farmed out
I can't wait

Ms. Moon said...

Well. Yes. After all those great suggestions all I can think of is making fudge for candy week. I could probably handle that one.
Good luck! And YOU may learn a lot too!

*LLUVIA* said...

Plumbing, you can tell him what NOT to put inside the toilet. LOL

everything else I'm clueless! LOL!

FabuLeslie said...

How about getting him a job as a plumber at the local zoo for one week. And then a construction worker for an optometrist who is building his office in the woods. After he's done building, he can take the waste away to the dump, and then have a look around inside. I'm sure the doc would check his eyes for free after he builds his place and all.

Cheeseboy said...

"I think I could handle movies". Ha ha!

If my boys wanted to learn about plumbing, there is only one thing I could teach them: How to have the crack.

Erin said...

Ohhh I could do CANDY! It can't be that hard....can it? =)

The Blue Zoo said...

I always make big summer plans for the kidlets. And we do really good for about 2 weeks... LOL Then its just playing and sleeping in.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Plumbing!?!?!?!?!! What a sweet kid.

And, good luck with that ;-)


Dysfunctional Mom said...

I'll cover candy week for you.
PleasefortheloveofGod, don't become a Duggar. *shudder*

noisycolorfullively said...

What an awesome report on your little genius! What an awesome learning plan, too! I imagine the week of the Giraffe includes a trip to the zoo. I see making candy in your future. Plumbing sounds like a perfect lesson for the hubs, though that pvc pipe in your back yard could get you a good start.

Anyway, I can't wait to hear what you come up with and hear about the many adventures you have exploring the world with your bright boy!

Also, I'm so excited about the news of your published work!!! Congratulations, Nancy!

Debbie said...

I can help with candy week too. That's about all I have to offer!

Jucie said...

If you were here in Tallahassee, you could go to the landfill or a recycling facility (machines and dump trucks), and to the wastewater treatment facility (plumbing). Not sure what you've got in your own community that would be comparable. If you know a builder, you could go to a building under construction before the walls are finished to see where all the plumbing pipes go. Even if you don't know a builder, if you see something under construction, just call the builder and let them know that your son is interested in seeing the process and I'd bet they'd be happy to show him around.

Love your blog.

Sonya said...

I think it's awesome Have u thought of maybe calling a plumbing place sometime and asking if you could bring him over to talk to someone about it?

you are such a great Mom..seriously you are.

ModernMom said...

LOL I vote field trips! Visit a farm, visit a zoo! Let him take it in through oh natural:)

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

Dude I am all about the candy. Do you want me to do a seminar? Cuz I can. With my eyes closed. I'm that good.

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

PS That comment would have made my mommy heart swell too!! Your little Owen is adorable. And I love his list of interests. You are an awesome mom. This summer is going to be fab. For all of you!

Traci said...

You are set, dear. You are set. Delusional, but set.

Beth said...

"That Duggar character" ... oh my goodness! This made me laugh! Actually you've made me laugh a lot since I've been wandering around your blog. So glad you're fragmenter of the week at Half-Past Kissin Time! That's where I found you and I'm now following. :) said...

My son is curious about plumbing ... anything related to poop, actually.

Honestly, learning at home is easier than most people think. Choose something intriguing -- like a book, field trip, or activity -- and just see where his questions lead you. :)

4 Lettre Words said...

I was in this situation for about 40 minutes, so I'm eager to see how you do it. Really.