Monday, January 19, 2009

I know, I know!

1. There's a certain cable company (that rhymes with Bombast) that is on my On Notice list, because my computer became glacially slow over the weekend. Meaning, I wasn't able to post my blogs, check Facebook or email. I came to realize that I don't just "like" my computer these days. I was getting jittery, needing my digital fix. It could have been ugly if it didn't magically correct itself. So yes, all three of my readers, everything is okay. My computer just became prehistoric.

2. I know that the bedtime prayer is "Now, I lay me," not "Down, I lay me" thanks to your watchful eyes. What can I say? I'm specific about how I sleep. I don't stand up, hang upside down, or hover when I sleep. I recline, dammit. And I want to make sure God knows it.

3. I went to a baptism of two boys (sons of good friends), and, once again, I'm struck by the fact that it's such a holy event. I get teary eyed whenever I see a group of loving people commit to teach the next generation about love, hope, justice, forgiveness, and peace--God's commission for us all. If I was a pastor, baptisms would be my favorite part of my job. That, and budget meetings.

4. The AZ Cardinals, a state joke for as long as I lived in AZ, are going to the Super Bowl. So, I'm struck. Should I pretend to be a Cardinals fan, even though I can't name a single member of the roster, since they "come" from my home state? Or, should I be a Steelers fan because I have tons of friends from the Pittsburgh area that bleed yellow and black? I know the name of the Steelers's quarterback (Ben Rothesberger--although I don't know if I know how to spell his name). I even know that Steelers fans have something called a Terrible Towel. The Cardinals have no towels, terrible or otherwise.

So, here's how I'll make my decision: A Contest! The first person that can tell me the names of 1) The three rivers in the Pittsburgh area OR 2) The name of the AZ governor impeached from office in the mid-eighties wins my support and devotion. I'll be loud and obnoxious about it. If you can name both, then you'll force me to make up my own mind.

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Until then, Go Steelials.


Pastor Greg said...

I think everyone should be a pastor at some time in their lives just so that they can baptize someone. It's the best (let me know when you want to be assisting minister for a baptism).

Nancy Campbell said...

Are you serious?