Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More Owenisms

Owen was in the bathroom, taking care of business, as they say, when he called me in with a charming, "Mooommmy, wipe me please!"

I came in, did my unseemly duty, then stood with Owen to admire his work. He said, pointing, "That one looks like a snowman."

Later on, we were doing the same thing, and this time, Owen said, "That one looks like a cow pretending to be a fish."

Why look at the clouds when there's such amazing things to be seen closer to Earth?

This is why I have a blog. It seems just wrong to record such moments in the pretty Hallmark baby book (not that I've blown the dust off of that any time in the last six months), but such things must be recorded for posterity.

With that, I'm off. Paul's not coming home until late tonight, and I need to: shower, cook a meal for a friend, inquire about a job, read the paper, and clean up the squalor before Joel gets up. Wish me luck.

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