Saturday, January 10, 2009

Working Girl

I think my life is about to get a bit more complicated. This is a good thing, because I got a job--- again.

Let's back up. Last fall, I started teaching English Composition at the local community college. I really, really liked it. Community college students are, generally, good folk. Yes, there were some knuckleheads, but that is the case anywhere, anytime. Most of my students fall into the "not knucklehead" category. They're single moms, immigrants, "mature students," and young people that learned (or are still learning) from their mistakes in high school.

It feels nice to work with students that truly don't have to be there. It changes the entire dynamic. If a student is being a knucklehead, or doesn't turn in work, or has a laundry list of excuses, it's not my problem. I get to say things like, "You're paying for this class. It's your choice."

It's a breath of fresh air.

I took the fall off, because I just had Joel. Then, I missed the deadline to sign up for spring courses (I blame mommy brain). Later on, I find out that classes are available because some other teacher flaked. Now, here I am, with a class to teach two days a week.

Of course, teaching does create some problems. I told Paul about the job opportunity and his response was, "You better start pumping." You may recall how much I love pumping. I hate it so much that I tried to introduce formula last week when I took Owen to church. Wouldn't you know, Joel would have nothing to do with it. I'll keep trying, but I better, like Paul said, get pumping. Ugggghhhhhhhhh.

By accepting this job, I'm accepting the fact that lesson planning and grading will always be there to suck up my extra time. I may spend more evenings (after the boys are down) getting organized instead of relaxing or (gulp) writing this blog. I'll still find ways to make it work---especially with Paul taking on the bulk of boycare two evenings a week.

I'll also have my own money. I don't care how liberated and equal our partnership is, it feels good to get a paycheck with my name on it. I feel less guilty when I get a pedicure or buy something goofy when I know that it's my money that I'm wasting.

So, this is mostly a good thing. I hope. I just feel like I've achieved a sense of equilibrium with the two boys. I'm starting to feel normal again. Do I really need this in my life?

I guess I'll find out. Stay tuned.

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