Thursday, January 29, 2009

Six Months

Joel is six months old today.

Six months ago, it was muggy, the kind of day where the air feels like damp curtains. Today, the sky is blue, and the snow crunches under your feet.

Six months ago, Paul and I kissed our only child goodbye, and left him with his grandparents. Today, Owen wakes up, runs downstairs and asks, "Where is my baby brother?"

Six months ago, Paul stopped at Starbucks on the way to the hospital. The man has his priorities straight. Today, Paul stopped at Starbucks on his way to work. The man still has his priorities straight.

Six months ago, I was the first of my pregnant friends to have her second baby. Today, Joel, Austin, and Evan lay on the floor next to each other, wiggling and squirming, while their older siblings play.

Six months ago, I wore elastic maternity shorts. Today, I wear a size six (if I don't mind marks on my tummy).

Six months ago, I fretted that I couldn't possibly love another like I love Owen. Today, those fears seem comical.

Six months ago, Michael Phelps hadn't won eight gold medals. Today, people ask him, "Now what are you going to do?"

Six months ago, there was an earthquake in Chino Hills, CA and a smaller, but much more meaningful earthquake in a delivery room in Prince Frederick, MD. Today, my world is still shaking.

Six months ago, I did not know Joel. My boy. My love. Today, my heart is full, my dream is here, and I thank God every day for changing my world...six months ago.

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