Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Boys Water the Trees; Girls Water the Grass"

I met some friends at the park today, and saw their new baby.

I'm talking, of course, about their newly acquired cell phone. The time had come to upgrade the phone, and upgrade they did. It wasn't quite a Smart Phone---perhaps a Proficient Phone would be a better adjective. Nevertheless, my friend cradled the phone gently, carried it in a Baby Bjorn, and jumped at its every beep and whimper.

I must admit that I love my phone as well, but one of the features that has, truly, truly enhanced my life is the camera function. I always have a camera, and consequently, I see the world with a more artistic eye.

I was able to capture Owen as he proudly showed me his yoga in a sun-drenched backyard:

I promise you I did not know any postures or even the word yoga when I was four years old. I'm so happy he does.

I also was able to take pictures while we were on an impromptu hike today. Owen suddenly needed to use the restroom, so I turned off the road, and discovered a charming hiking trail. We watered the trees, and stayed for the scenery. By the way, according to Owen, "Boys water the trees, and girls water the grass."

Do you see how they are holding hands? I don't think I could love this picture any more. 

We found a tobacco barn, and you know how I love me a tobacco barn. 

I went home and played with my photo software. These stacked boards looked like a blooming flower, heavy with pollen.:   

 This? This is what my heart looks like. Well, that and my little yogi. 

My brother, who is an amazing artist, poet, and musician in Seattle, has started a new blog called onfootphotos. You take pictures with your camera phone and submit them to the site. You share your city or community through artistic eyes and well-trod feet. You're welcome to doctor the photos with any software you choose, but the camera must be connected to your phone. 

I would encourage you to check out his site, become a follower, and enjoy the journey. He's a good egg, despite the fact that Mom and Dad totally were easier on him because he's the baby. 

I will submit my first photo tomorrow. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


Stephanie aka The Stark Raving Bibliophile said...

What wonderful pictures!

Corrie Howe said...

I love the wood pile blossom! I also love the black and white tobacco barn. Can you believe I'm sitting outside on one of two balconies reading blogs? It is gorgeous! And I can listen to the water fall even though I can't see it.

Jenny said...

OK, I am probably the most technically challenged person in the universe but how do you download photos from your phone to your computer?

These are amazing.

Your family is fabulous!

Daffy said...

These are so phenomenal! I love photography and you composed such fastastic shots!

A woman of such depth and SO many talents!

Angie Muresan said...

I so though you would say, "despite the fact that he was dropped on the head." I don't know why, but that's what I was expecting.
And I live near Seattle, so if you are ever in the neighborhood let me know so we can meet over coffee.
I can't believe you took those photos with a phone. Owen is gorgeous! So sweet, too.

*LLUVIA* said...

These are amazing!! I've never been good at taking pictures. I always end up cutting stuff off...

Ms. Moon said...

I am slightly in love with your little boys. And "boys water the trees, girls water the grass"? What could be more profound?

Caution Flag said...

I'm with Angie. I thought you were going to say he's a good egg despite trying to kill you. The origin of that thought is a mystery.

The holding hands picture? You are going to enlarge and frame it, aren't you?

blueviolet said...

Your boys are just love. That's all I can say. And yoga has never had more appeal than when seen in action by a little man.

I heart your blog more than I can say!

clearness said...

The last one is my favorite. You have a very creative eye, all of those photos look amazing....wanna come over to take photos of my kiddos'?

Cat said...

"Boys water the trees, and girls water the grass."


I love the picture of the boys together.

You really have an eye for photography.

Melani said...

I love that saying! I agree with Cat, you do have an eye for photography and I will add that your boys are darling!

Unknown Mami said...

The boys holding hands just makes me happy!

Kori said...

Maybe one of these days I will break down and get a cell phone so I can take pictures like yours. Think it is that easy? :)