Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Fragments: Paging Mr. T

For Owen's first four Easters, we either skipped the egg hunt altogether or filled the eggs with Cheerios.

He didn't know what he was missing, it was a lot less expensive, and I've never seen a kid come down from a  wicked Cheerio high.

Well, the genie has been released from the bottle for sure. On Thursday, he had two Easter Egg Hunts back-to-back (for preschool and at a friend's house). He had Chocolate! Jelly beans! Nerds! Peeps!

I believe that an eggful of Cheerios at this point would be the Easter Bunny's version of a lump of coal.

Well, we had a good run.

Another residual of these hunts is that Owen got his first candy necklace.

Those who know me understand that I have very weird, specific rules about jewelry. I've always hated necklaces to the point that I would cry when forced to wear one as a child. I didn't get my ears pierced until I was in high school. I can't drink wine out of a glass if it has a charm on it.

I know, it's quirky.

Paul bought me a black pearl on a silver chain when he was in Hawaii. I love it because it comes from him, so I'm willingly wearing a necklace for the first time in my life. Still, it's hard. I'll feel it around my neck and I'll panic, as if I'm choking.

Anyway, it goes without saying that I cannot abide jewelry on men. It was a deal-breaker back in my dating days.

You know where this is going. Owen LOVES his candy necklace. He wears it everywhere.

I'm trying to be cool about it, because if he catches wind of my bizarre little phobia, he will choose to look like Mr. T when he's in middle school.

Regardless of your personal political views, I think that most people can get behind the idea that Michelle Obama is an attractive lady. I've declared this summer to be My Summer of Michelle---I will have her arms, her sundresses, and her cute cardigans.

I've been working on the arms, and I bought two skirts at Old Navy yesterday.

I fear, however, that the look I am rocking is more extremist religious sect and less classy, carefree chic.

There's one thing I didn't know about wearing skirts. Skirts=Inner Thigh Chub Rub.

I'm not in love with this development.

Paul was in a four-car car crash Wednesday morning. Nobody was seriously hurt. Paul is fine. We just found out that the car will be repaired, which is a surprise. We were sure it was totalled.

Occasionally, that thin veil between safe and dangerous, life and death, joy and despair becomes a bit more transparent. Thank God Paul stayed on the safe, alive, and happy side of the veil.

Until next time, may all your cars be safe, all your candy necklaces in place, and your eggs filled with the best Cheerios money can buy.

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Unknown Mami said...

Soooo happy to hear that Paul is okay!

I want Own to accessorize like Mr. T! Come on, it would be so cool! I would not pity the fool.

Daffy said...

Inner thigh chub rub is why I rarely wear skirts....ugh

Angie Muresan said...

I cannot wear necklaces at all. Actually I am not a fan of jewelry. I rarely even wear my wedding band.

Coby said...

Shayne bought me a black pearl necklace and earrings when we went to Hawaii - black pearls for his "black pearl."

So do your skirts make you look like you belong in Colorado City instead of the White House?

You crack me up!

mama-face said...

LOLOLOL. Well, not the accident part...of course...and you are so right about the veil.

My child has prepared a detailed list for Easter. WTF? I think I will give him cheerios. That is a genius idea.

clearness said...

There is a fine line when the insurance comes out to total a car or say it needs repairs. The only thing to insure that the car will be totaled is to (quickly put on brand spanking new tires, I don't know why, but this works) and to take a baseball bat to the rest of the car.

Glad to hear your husband is doing fine!

Renee said...

You know Nancy, they now make chocolate Cheerios!

Caution Flag said...

I'm glad Paul is okay. What a fright for you both.

"..fear, however, that the look I am rocking is more extremist religious sect and less classy, carefree chic." That line belongs in a hall of fame somewhere. Beautiful!

only a movie said...

Glad the hubby is ok and you are so correct on the veil being thin...
Also, we should all aspire to Michelle's excellent physique and fashion sense... :-)

Debbie said...

Good for you for pulling off the Cheerios scam as long as you did! Sounds like something I would have done if I had been clever enough.

jennifer said...

The Easter Bunny version of the lump of coal... HA!

So thankful that Paul was fine.

Coby said...

Just re-reading your post and this is my deep thought...

You can emulate Michelle Obama all you want. However, you are NOT allowed to wear sleevless dresses and tops November - February like she did. It's cold then. Dress like it! ;-)

erika said...

Thank God Paul is okay and your car wasn't totaled! As for Owen, there is no going back from chocolate to cheerios. It would be like giving up your bedroom and moving back into a studio apartment. But his necklace is nothing to worry about, as long as it's edible :)

Sonya said...

Oh wow, Im so glad Paul is ok!

I can't wear earrings..not because I don't want to but because they blow up like a puffer fish no matter how expensive they are.

Scarves make me panic. I feel like at any moment someone is going to grab the back and

Eternal Lizdom said...

I totally adore Michelle Obama's style. I feel like we haven't had a stylish First lady since Jackie O! Now I want to go cyber stalk pics of her outfits and totally mimic them for myself- that could be my reward when I drop a couple more pounds and go down a size!

Jenny said...

Sorry about the accident. Glad he wasn't hurt. Loved your cheerio and egg story. Really cute.

I know what you mean about Michelle Obama. How do people pull off that carefree look? I may have to watch What Not to Wear a little bit more to pick up more tips.

OK, and I'm glad to hear someone else has the jewelry issues going on.

I wear my wedding ring.

And it took me a long time to get used to that.

Happy Weekend!

Tracie said...

My kids always eat the candy necklaces too quickly to wear them a long time. We're going to be traveling on Easter so we're pretting that it isn't happening.

I'm glad Paul didn't get hurt in the accident.

Jen said...

Glad Paul is ok! Scary stuff.
Can you get a longer chain for the necklace? I hate that feeling of choking!
I'm working on the Obama arms. ;) The trainer I work with at the rec center taught us a specific exercise on the machines there and by God, I'll have those arms! LOL! Need to work on the thighs a little more before I can get the skirts, though. LOL!
(And why can't I choose my bloggy identity? I want to use my name and URL and it won't let me! Wahhhh!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Cheerios: brilliant! My mother would never let us get away with that. *sigh*

Your jewelry hang-ups are a bit strange, then again, we all have something. I hope Owen doesn't grow up to look like MR. T. Simeon wears glittery headbands and calls his tool box his purse. He likes my chapstick, shoes and I found him with one of my bras under his shirt yesterday. Hmmm...

Thigh chub rub... hilarious... thin biker shorts under the skirt totally help that. Also spanx, but the bike shorts don't make me feel so sausage like.

So glad Paul's well. Celebrating the precious gift of life with you.

Cat said...

I'm so glad Paul is OK!

I don't do Easter, but I'm pretty sure Boy will get contaminated by the grandparents.

For thigh rub- monistat makes this anti-chafing gel. It comes in a blue tube. It's amazing. It'll stop the chafing, swearsies.

Also, I love that the Google ads I'm seeing at the bottom of this page are for Florida crossdressers. Whaaa???

Kori said...

I am just a little freaked out here. Came over from Ms.Moon's blog, to find that YOU have an Owen, too. And so does she. And so do I. Your Owen sounds like he is close to MY Owen's age, who is nearly four. Life is so strange sometimes I can't even STAND it.

Melani said...

Glad Paul is ok!

Kudos for doing the Cheerios for so long! :)

One thing I have to say about candy necklaces, umm if he decides to eat it, be careful, Brandon chipped his tooth on one, so he is not allowed to have them anymore!

Bethany said...

that veil.
So glad Paul is okay too, and everyone else.
i love love love the cheerio idea, very clever.
you did have a good run.
the mr t thing was hilarious.
i'd love to see Owen dressed up as mr t, candy style though.
they have candy watches too.
and how bout those amazing bling bling ring pops? on the pinky of course.
sorry i'm so late.

having a hard time keeping up with reading blogs. yours is always such a treat.