Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sundays In My City: Spring Awakening

Spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil.  
Bishop Reginald Heber

Spring is here, and it's glorious. 

More glorious than stained glass or freshly baked bread or even, dare I say it, the smell of a newborn's head. 

I have strong feelings about spring. 

Spring passes and one remembers one's innocence. Yoko Ono

Everything is sweet. A year ago, Joel watched Owen play while hanging from his Baby Bjorn. Now he's fearless. 

Terrifyingly so. Yet, I've always loved moxie.

We wake up and go to the playground, or the beach, or the boardwalk, and our bodies arch towards the sun like Gerber Daisies.

Sometimes we eat ice cream. 

Yes, everything is sweet. 

Then, there's the bike. 
I saw this bike at the thrift store. A lady had won it an auction, and since she had no children, she donated it. Brand spankin' new. Already assembled. It even had a helmet. Icing on the cake? It's Owen's favorite color--blue. 

In case you were curious, this is what hot stuff looks like.

We took the bike to Annmarie Garden, a sculpture park in Solomons, Maryland. 

It's a magical place. A forested glen with a quiet walking path and wonders everywhere. 

The boys were indifferent to the sculpture. Nature and the joy of movement were enough. 

Their art is beautiful indeed. 

Unknown Mami


Sonya said...

Wow fantastic photos this week! Spring is wonderful isnt's sprouting up everywhere here. Awesome score on the bike!

Ms. Moon said...

Anyone who quotes Yoko Ono has my heart. As if the pictures wouldn't do it by themselves.

June said...

My flowers are not quite up yet... I am sooo antsy for spring!

Smokin' good deal on the bike!!
The park looks really cook, I would enjoy that.

Traci said...

Yay for Spring! I think that you have a new blog name -- "Moxie and Hot Stuff" - LOL. And yes, their art is beautiful. What a lovely family you have, Nancy. Lovely indeed. Happy Sunday.

Unknown Mami said...

Gerber daisies are my favorite flowers. I feel like they are simple yet defiantly beautiful.

That bikes a sweet ride!

Bekah said...

Spring is slowly but surely raising its sleepy head around here. Already the kids and I are more joyful and hopeful.

Anonymous said...

What a neat place to play! Everything in our city is ridiculously expensive to visit, including several of our parks/gardens. In fact, the one closest to us is like $6 person and you can't bring anything with wheels.

I do surely love spring, but only because it's the eve of summer.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Awesome post! The kids look so happy and your pics are beautiful.

You have a fun sculpture park too-- what a variety of images.

Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

Marla said...

Every time I see your boys, it makes me think of when my boys were little. What an awesome time in life. Way to enjoy it, Nancy!!

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

What an awesome post and that sculpture garden is just amazing! Your boys look so happy. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos.

only a movie said...

Love your boys smiling faces. The sculpture garden looks lovely.

AudreyO said...

I really love the flower photos. I commented the other day when I opened my front door that the smell of flowers was almost over powering. It was just so strong. Spring is great.

Cat said...

Beautiful- that park looks amazing, and the boys look very happy.

Prairiemaid said...

Looks like the little guys are enjoying every minute of their time out and about! Spring is such a blessing after winter, isn't it?

Love those spring flowers.

So, do you still have your bodyguard or is hubs back?

Have a wonderful week!

Lee Ann said...

Lovely spring pics, lovely post! Thanks , hope you have a great week x

Coby said...

Can I come over and play? I think our boys would have a great time together, and we could drink coffee.

I love the pics this week - that sculpture garden looks amazing!!!

I think I love the idea of spring. Here, it's just so windy. Once the leaves on my tree bud, the wind comes along and knocks them off. Dust kicks up and coats everything, tumble weeds dance, and it's pretty much like that every day until June. Good times.

Jenny said...

Well, gee whiz. I just put you into my sidebar and here you are with another post.

Sounds like a great weekend.

Tracie said...

How do you find such deals at the thrift store? Every time I venture there I find 2 mis-matched forks and holey sweaters. Very frustrating.

Spring has been a big tease. It was beautiful this weekend and is dreary and cold today.

Bethany said...

Sweet Nancy! Love the boy energy, ice cream, bikes, movement. I need some of that. You're such a fun mom.

SamiJoe said...

Can't argue with new bikes and springtime!
This summer is sure to be a brother-filled adventure!