Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Fragments: Patches, Nipple Rings, and Toenails, Oh My!

Last week, Joel's eye doctor said that we may need to do some patching to strengthen his weak eye. This will all be determined after his next visit in a few months.

After making the mandatory pirate joke, which I'm sure, as a pediatric ophthalmologist, he's never heard before, he sent us on our merry way.

My friend sd, who has a daughter with similar issues, shared this website with me. These eye patches are so cute that I almost hope the doctor recommends the patching therapy.(Not really. Joel, after all, is almost two.)

The county built a new indoor pool, which is the best thing ever. At last, at last, I will be able to see the nipple rings and tribal tattoos of my fellow Southern Marylanders all year long.

I don't have a problem with any of it---to each his own and all that---but I saw a baby tugging on his father's nipple ring, and I turned away before it became a coming-of-age manhood initiation ritual.

Here's my awesome apron from June! Isn't it gorgeous? I love it. I would cook in it if wasn't Eleventy Billion Degrees outside. Instead, I made Peppermint Iced Tea, which is what Jesus would drink if they had iced tea back then. I also think Jesus was partial to Sangria, but that's just me.

Trust me, I am wearing clothes under this.

I know I've shown enough pictures of my feet to alert the fetishists, but I must do this as a public service:


Thanks to Mrs. 4444 for hosting Friday Fragments!

Mommy's Idea


My Life in Purple said...

Your polish colour is FAB! I'm rocking a fungus green right now...pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

I'll just throw it out there, the patch needs to match your apron. Sort of a mommy-son fashion bonding thing ;)

Cat said...

Eww on the nipple ring!

Love the apron- and the toe color actually. I like bright colors on my toes... I usually dress so conservative, it's nice to make something pop. Long story short, your preschooler can pick out my toe color anytime.

Coby said...

I love that apron! I'm sure Paul wouldn't mind if you didn't have clothes on under it. I think you should go for it.

I agree with Ms. Purple - Joel's eye patch should match your apron - that would just be adorable, and I'm so not joking! I'm sure you wish I were, but I'm not!

sd said...

OR you could get matching eye patches! I tried to wear one along with Sofia for moral support. I only lasted 5 minutes. Yes, they are cute. But super annoying to have to wear. And we expect them to do this for 2 to 4 hours a day??

*LLUVIA* said...

Actually, I like that nail color! It goes nicely with the pink flip flops. I'm weird like that.

Tracie said...

I like the nail color, too! Look at you in the apron. You're a domestic goddess!

Muliebrity said...

That apron is adorable and those eye patches are pretty rad! Hope Joel's eye gets off it's lazy ass. I saw a Dr Phil episode about lazy husbands. Maybe he would like to do an episode on lazy eyes?

Beth Zimmerman said...

Those patches are WAY CUTER than anything we had when we were patching Josiah's eyes 18 years ago! I hope Joel takes to it well if you need to go that route! Have you already tried blurring drops?

I was so relieved when you mentioned the baby tugging on his FATHER's nipple ring! Until that point I was imagining a topless indoor community pool! Shuddering as I type!

And personally I'm not a fan of piercings anywhere but the ear lobes. Well ... a tasteful (and tiny) side of the nose, or a ring in the cartilage of the upper ear is okay. Was talking to my 33 year old step-daughter the other day and realized she had pierced her TONGUE! Don't even want to think about what else I have yet to discover!

Hope your summer is going well!


Cheeseboy said...

I like that color, it is sporty.

erika said...

Hey, i didn't know you can look hot in an apron!

erika said...

I meant 'you' as a general pronoun, meaning 'one'. You second person obviously can rock it :)

LB said...

My son wears glasses and has a weak eye too. I feel ya.

As for the polish? It is AWESOME!

michelle said...

I always think little ones with patched eyes are adorable

I love the toes. Right now I have mermaid aquamarine on my fingers.

I kinda liked the idea that you were commando under that apron.
hee hee


Amy said...

I think you should win Mrs. 4444s "fave frag" award for this:

The county built a new indoor pool, which is the best thing ever. At last, at last, I will be able to see the nipple rings and tribal tattoos of my fellow Southern Marylanders all year long.


Joy said...

I torment myself over pedicure colors. I'm so cheap I only get it done like twice a year, so it's a big decision. Those eyepatches are pretty darn cute.

Mama Zen said...

Are you kidding? I LOVE that color!

Joanna Jenkins said...

i saw those eye patches and said out loud-- "Why didn't I think of that!" It's a very creative idea.

The blue nail polish is fun for summer-- Especially with the pink flip-flops and toe dividers ;-)

I'm a big apron wearer- This one is very cute!

Hope you're weekend is fun.

Holly said...

We had to patch my sons worked so well...within a year he wont need glasses at all. Where was this doctor when I had to get glasses (oh yeah he is my age!).

Eww on nipple ring tugging!

CUTE apron!

Qoddess said...

You've been quoted!

Unknown Mami said...

The eye patches are adorable. I almost want one. Are you wearing anything under that apron?

adrienzgirl said...

I love the toe polish too! Let your preschooler pick your colors every time!

Nipple rings are gross. Just nasty. Ewww!

Jenny said...

Cute post. Love your style girl.

The nail color could be worse. My youngest Grand picked Shrek green for mine last time. Ummm.... can you say "let me throw up now?"

I'm sure you can since you have to look at nipple rings. Ewwwww...

I had to wear a black eye patch once for almost six months. Trust me. Pirate jokes are never in good taste.

Kori said...

I personally think Jesus smoked, too, while drinking sangria. just sayin.

June said...

Look at you in your cute apron! Glad you like it.

I like the blue nails!!