Thursday, December 17, 2009

Annual Review

A year ago, I posted my New Year's resolutions. I thought I would do the annual review, now because in-between the cookie-gorging and the wine guzzling, I'm not going to do much improving before 2010.

Thus, here are my 2009 resolutions, with updated commentary:

1. I will take a shower almost every day.
I really aimed high with this one, with the word "almost." So, yes, if you count showering five days out of seven "almost" than I met this goal. Grade: D

2. I will read books, occasionally even challenging ones.
As a person who considers reading her lifelong constant, I feel like I've slacked quite a bit in this regard. I've been reading blogs with greater frequency, which has been good in many ways, but all things come at a cost.... Good books I've read this year include: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell. I've read a lot of other books, but, as always happens when people ask me to make recommendations, I freeze up and can't remember anything. Grade: C

3. Paul and I will go on four dates this year. 
Done and done. Thanks to Miss Candace, the wonder babysitter, we're making this happen. (As a side note, both of my boys are IN LOVE with their babsitter. She lives five minutes from us, and as we're driving home, I'll say to Owen, "There's Miss Candace's house!" He will then SQUEAL with pure, unadulterated JOY.) Grade: A
4. I will continue this blog and enter four writing contests/submit four entries for publication. 
The blog continues. I've submitted some stuff. Since I didn't say anything about actually winning or getting published, I'm calling this a WIN by loophole. Grade: A

5. I will run three days a week.  
Didn't happen--not my best year for running. But, I've been taking classes called "Body Combat" and "Body Pump." They are loud and stupid and include a Taylor Swift-Kings of Leon-AC/DC soundtrack. That's gotta be worth something.... Grade: C

6. I will lose the baby weight. Damn it.  
I did it, by a magical diet called surviving on my kids' leftover scraps as sustenance. I do not recommend this plan. Grade: A

7. I will do something cool with Paul when we celebrate our ten year anniversary (June 12th)
We went to one of our favorite restaurants and had a wonderful meal. My friend happened to be our waitress and we had a long conversation about the NICU and the PICU and "OMG my kid was on a ventilator too!" Paul just let us blather. 

We then walked to the Tiki Bar and had Mai Tais. Exceedingly strong Mai Tais.  It wasn't fancy, it wasn't exotic, but I was with Paul, and he's what makes me happy. Grade: A 

8. I will learn something new.
 I learned that Frank Lloyd Wright was a bit of an asshole. 

I also learned that you can take your spare change to the Coinstar machines and they will give you gift certificates to iTunes or Starbucks without taking a percentage of your money. Consider that my Christmas gift to you.  Grade: B

9. I will eat more eggplant (they're just so pretty).
I made eggplant parmigiana once and it was like eating olive oil-soaked hockey pucks. Grade: FAIL

10. I will cut myself some slack. Given the high number of "A" grades, I would say I've done well in this department. Grade: B

So, what about you? How did you do with your resolutions? 


Melani said...

Let's see, I didn't make any New Year Resolutions last year, but I probably should here is a rough draft of ones for this year: 1. to swear less ( I too drop F bombs from time to time)
2. lose at least 20 lbs (being a vegetarian you'd think this would be easy but I am more like a cheesatarian according to my husband) LOL
3. have more patience
4. go to bible study
5. go to church MORE often then not
6. continue to read Daily Devotions with Serena and Brandon if he will stay in the room
7. do crafts with the kids (I can't afford pre-school for Serena)
guess I need to make a real list, huh?
I am impressed you made a list and kept to it and actually did some of the stuff on it, kudos to you!

adrienzgirl said...

2009 = FAIL

Nikia, May and da kids said...

1 - I have to take a shower everyday, if not twice. It's a habit no matter where I am, even camping.
compulsive disorder A+
5 - Does walking really fast listening to your mp3 player count as "faux running"? C-

6 - I am STILL trying to lose the baby fat from my 18 year old. EPIC FAIL!

8- I finally learned how to use SOME features on this blogger site. That's pretty good for someone who didn't know how to turn off the computer 4 years ago. A+

Maybe I'll set some attainable goals in 2010 and stop trying to reach for the stars.


Nicki said...

I totally think you deserve an A for taking a shower five days a week!!! Seriously! A+ for you!

Michelle said...

I failed all of mine! I didn't work out more and I certainly didn't manage my money better.

erika said...

I don't do New Year Resolutions. I come from a Catholic background (both maternal and paternal side) so I really don't need more guilt in my life.

If it was up to me, your entries would have won and would have been published.

Unknown Mami said...

I think you had a stellar year. I don't make resolutions, too much pressure. I do what I want! Yeah, right.

Jen said...

Body Pump made me cry, but not as much as RPM. LOL
I once got a new summer wardrobe from Eddie Bauer, courtesy of CoinStar. None of it fits now, courtesy of Body Pump and RPM making me cry. LOL
Peel the eggplant first, and the oil has to be really HOT before you fry them. LOL I LOVE eggplant parmesan.

Steph said...

You mean I'm not the only person who finds it a struggle to get in the shower every day? Thank God!

It all looks good to me! Congratulations on your weight loss and on your commitment to your writing. Awesome!

Cat said...

I resolved to make it through the year. Only 14 days left!

I might borrow this idea around new year and post some goals- I always write them down for me but being held accountable would be good for me!

1- I'm doing good to go every other day. I don't know why showering is so hard to work in.

Corrie Howe said...

I don't remember them, but I'm sure I have a F.

Glad you did pretty good on yours!

Sarafree said...

What a great list! There's got to be some good eggplant recipes out there. I'm just not sure where. Are you going to strive for another veggie this year? And yay to the writing goal! Gotta start some where. Now I'm inspired to go make a list of goals for 2010.

Coby Goesling said...

I agree - cut yourself some slack. You're reasonably clean, went on dates with your husband, made some yucky eggplant, and discovered that Frank Lloyd Wright was an a-hole. Pretty dang good! Oh yeah, and you're a kick-a writer!

I don't make resolutions - too much pressure because inevitably I don't live up to the standard I set.

Frau said...

I failed miserably luckily it's another new year and I'm really psych up about it and gonna rock 2010!! Have a wonderful weekend.

Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

I've never made any real resolutions. Too much pressure!

I just picked up a novel about Frank Lloyd Wright called "The Women". Did you read that??

Thanks for the coinstar tip. I'm raiding my husband's change jar tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

Good work Nancy!!!

Showering is over rated.

As a lifelong reader, I have read exactly zero books cover to cover this year. Serious mind stimulation fail. I did however, indulge in plenty of Little Ensteins, which I believe covers my cultural eucation, and I've read all of Mo Willems Pigeon books countless times, so that probably adds up to one short novel.

I loose weight rapidly the first few weeks after the kids arrive, then I collapse on the couch and eat every ounce back once we settle into a routine. It's the most yo-yo-ing I've ever done, but what the hey, I'm a new mom!

I planned on celebrating our one year anniversary in Africa this month. Obviously that didn't happen. Unexpectedly, we became foster parents, so that one is a wash.

Overall, I'm rating 09 a success! Looking forward to the new year. Hope yours is full of fun stuff and success too!

kys said...

I don't make resolutions. Is that a WIN?

PS Eggplant sucks. It is pretty though.