Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Fragments: The Skipped CD Edition

Tell me you do this too.

Because I feel the need to write down the minutia of my life on an almost-daily-basis, I find myself repeating myself. A lot.

I'll tell a story, and because the story has already been told (generally, better) online, the listener will either:
A) Listen politely
B) Cut me off with a kind, "Yeah, I read it on your blog."

I mentioned that I repeat myself a lot, right?

Throw in the other stories on my twitter feed or Facebook page or when I'm commenting on other people's blogs, and it become apparent very quickly: I'm a one trick pony with a limited vocabulary.

Thus, if you have heard these stories already, please let me know. I've been told that I repeat myself a lot.

Mommy's Idea

(Thanks to Mrs. 4444 for hosting!) 

Owen has had difficulty with backtalk recently, resulting in numerous trips to his room to "take a break."

At bedtime last night, I heard him mumbling, "socks, please, socks please."

I went upstairs and dug some socks out his drawer so that his naked, ice-cold toes could remain cute little piggies as opposed to frozen hot links.

I handed him the socks, which were fairly mundane black and yellow tube socks.

Owen's eyes lit up, "Oh, those are my AWESOME socks."

"Your awesome socks? What makes them awesome?" I asked. I know that both of my readers from the Pittsburgh area would agree that anything black and yellow is made of awesome, but I've never given these socks a second thought.

Owen said, "These are the socks I always put on when I'm taking a break. Then, I feel better!"

Damn, those are some good socks. Perhaps I need to invest in my own Awesome Socks.

I got a speeding ticket the other day, and I blame my eyebrows. Perhaps if I had plucked them, and my forehead did not look like a caterpillar nesting colony, I could have charmed the policeman. Alas, I did not and instead have a ticket and a court date.

I shared this early Christmas gift on Facebook, and Paul's best friend, a policeman back in Arizona, responded with this pithy response:


I responded, "Bob, I haven't heard from you in months, and you come out from the shadows to taunt me. Is THIS what they teach you in the academy?"

He posted: YEAH.


Owen's pageant is on Tuesday, and he has really come around to the idea, even telling people that he will be a (mask-less) shepherd. I'll give a complete post-game show report on Tuesday, but say a little prayer and keep your fingers crossed that he has a good time. That's the whole point.

The teacher posted a sign-up sheet of things to bring to the post-pageant party. You could bring birthday cake for Baby Jesus, cookies, apple slices, etc.

I signed up to bring ranch dressing. The end. Maybe, if they are lucky, I will pour it in a bowl.

I know. I should have left that slot open for the mothers that also work full time or for the mother who is due within days of the pageant. I didn't.

The pregnant mother is making the birthday cake for Jesus.*

And right now, Baby Jesus is looking at me, so very embarrassed, shaking his chubby baby cheeks with disdain.

Owen's need to make lists continues. This week, he asked Paul to write the following for him:

That's his signature on the bottom. He's got a full life. 

Happy Friday!

*In total honesty, she choose to do the cake. I signed up after her. Yet, that's not nearly as funny. Pretend you never read this footnote. LOOK AWAY, I say!


Anonymous said...

Oh Shit..that is too funny...LMAO still...the eyebrows...I can Im in the habit of asking before I speak..."did I tell you about"...from my kids...yes MoM..even before I finish my question...everyone else is polite though..Im sure that wont offent the blogger world...its commonplace..!!

Jen said...

You need socks from Little Missed Matched. They're awesome socks. :)

dek said...

Owen is right about socks. I have a pair of thin but oh-so-warm wool socks which, I'm confident, endow super powers upon the wearer.

Nikia, May and da kids said...

I love Owen's list and thanks to you Nancy, I will be bringing "what I can", even if it's the ranch without a bowl.

For years I have given so much and made my kids give so much, you made me realize i might be stealing an opportunity for a blessing from someone else by not letting them utilize their talents. Hope that relieves your guilt, because it sure will relieve mine in 2010 = P

Repeating yourself sounds like my "old timers" or maybe the "activities" of my past are starting to catch up with me.



Unknown Mami said...

I'm glad Daddy made it on to the list.

Nancy Campbell said...

May, you always leave such thoughtful comments. I love the way you framed my "mommy slacking" as passing on the blessings. I'll go with that.

Stephanie said...

Stopping by your blog is always such a gift! :-) I TOTALLY need some Awesome Socks! Is it too late to put them on my Christmas list?

BTW, police officers are -- as a rule -- sarcastic bastards. :-D My hubby is a career police officer. Sarcasm and vodka are all that keep them sane.


Traci said...

I want AWESOME socks! My son is having issues with backtalk, as well. Maybe I need to get him a pair.

Too cute.

adrienzgirl said...

I totally NEED some awesome socks!

mama-face said...

I love that he love Daddy on his to do that on yours too? ;)

I'm that fortunate stage of life where I feel no inclination to sign up for anything. Which is the only good thing about getting older; that I can remember.

I have to go eat my snacks now.

mama-face said...

oh my gosh I am losing my mind!!

"I love that he WROTE 'love daddy'...

Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

I definitely need a care package with some awesome socks and a good bottle of wine. Think I'm ready to take a break!

Kristin said...

Love daddy...I'm melting!

erika said...

The Brook Shields eyebrows are back, so easy with those tweezers :)

Bekah said...

Owen's to-do lists really beat mine anyday- I mean, who wouldn't rather eat, play, and love rather than clean, go to the bank, and make returns at the store?? He's on a good path!

♥Georgie♥ said...

OMGosh you are hysterical!
the sock convo with owen so precious
the ticket story with you policeman friend Oh My i spit my coffee on my keyboard from LOL

really enjoyed your FF

Cat said...

So funny!! I LOVE your new header picture by the way.

I want some awesome socks...

It seems that many of us have let our eyebrows go this holiday season... maybe I'll splurge on a waxing before Christmas. Now I'm inspired!

Good luck to Owen on his pageant! I bet preggers mom is bored to death at home or something. So see? You did her a favor!*

*footnote successfully ignored

Smellyann said...

That is so precious about the Awesome Socks. ♥ And I LOL'd about the eyebrows thing! :D You're too funny!

Corrie Howe said...

Love that Owen is already needing to make himself notes. I'm thinking a PDA is on his Christmas and/or birthday list sooner rather than later.

Life with Kaishon said...

Poor pregnant Mommy! Did the Birthday cake for Jesus turn out delish? How cute is that?

Bethany said...

I love this writing. I came over here after I read your comment on Ms Moons today. I'm here to dispute you. You are an excellent writer and silly, funny, fun. Awesome socks!

kys said...

When people ask me "What's been going on?" or some pithy conversation started such as that, I have a very bad habit of saying "Eh, read my blog. I don't want to talk about it".

Wonder why I don't have any friends?

Mrs4444 said...

You are really funny. I loved this post. The Awesome Socks just warmed my heart :)

Kys should buy a t-shirt like mine (which I received as a gift). It reads, "I'm busy. Read my blog!" heehee