Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stupid Hamthrax

I will post more later but today's Hamthrax Vaccine 2.0 successfully eradicated naps and/or "quiet time" (aka Mommy's Precious Alone Time).


All I have for you right now is this:

Oh, sweet candy cane. I wish to bring you home and caress your stripes gently, until you fall asleep in my arms. Then, I will eat you. NOM. NOM. NOM.

Stay Tuned. 


Muliebrity said...

Damn candy canes!

Laughing Stars said...

HUGS, Nancy.

SamiJoe said...

I HATE missing my 'me' time. Naps/Quiet time--whatever! It's so necessary for this mommyO to stay sane!
Enjoy the candy cane!

blueviolet said...

LOL, how dare anything come between a mom and naptime!

michelle said...

Ode To Candy Cane is very very funny

Cat said...

Oh no- Mamas need their quiet time! I count on naps on weekends.

Mmmmmmmmmm... candy cane.

Iva said...

yummy! candy canes!

adrienzgirl said...

That candy cane looks so yummy! :D

kys said...

Nobody effs with naptime. Nobody.

(That was me back when my kids actually napped. Those days are long gone. LeSigh.)