Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monster Truck Messiah

Today, finally---finally-- was the first day of December. And thank goodness, because if Owen had been forced to wait one more day before opening one of his three---yes, three--Advent calendars, he might have put me in a headlock.

It's just further evidence that I'm not as creative as I think. I thought an Advent  calendar would be fun because it would review number concepts and frame the holiday season. It would be a little activity we could share. My mother also had this thought. As did Owen's preschool teacher. Consequently, our fridge is Nativityalicious.

 (The third one is in a book).

As Owen was getting some milk, he looked at the fridge and said, "What's Jesus doing here?"

Oh, that Jesus. He's everywhere--kinda like a ninja.

He also made an Advent Wreath out of play dough and birthday candles.

In an attempt to teach ritual and piety, his preschool teacher inadvertently introduced yet another young boy to the joys of FIRE.

Thanks ever so much, preschool. If this progresses as it did with my brother, it's only a matter of time before Owen's creating Molotov cocktails out of lighters and aerosol cans of Final Net. I can smell the singed eyebrows already.

The ritual of the Advent Wreath is to mark each week of the Advent season by lighting another candle. Owen has decided that it's a glorified birthday cake. Each morning, we'll light the wreath's candle. He'll sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, and blow out the candles for Him. That's fine with me, because if the Son of Man came into my kitchen and blew out His own candles, I would totally shit my pants.

Owen is getting the concept that Christmas commemorates Jesus's birthday. As we were driving around, he mused, "I think that Jesus would like a monster truck for Christmas."

Of course he would. How else would he navigate those sweet jumps at the next rally? That Jesus.

I like my own version of Jesus---the lover of mankind, the bad-ass table tosser, the seeker of justice and ultimate model of humility. But yet, Owen's version---the Jesus that jumps out of the shadows like a ninja, who eats His birthday cake, and then takes His sweet new monster truck for a spin---I could hang with that guy, too. 


Bekah said...

Ninja. Heh heh heh.

Muliebrity said...

I have heard Jesus described as a Jewish, zombie (because he rose from the dead and all) stalker, peeping-tom. When I conveyed this description to a friend, he replied, "You know my girl friend's Jewish, right?" Uhhh. I think it's supposed to be offensive to Christians.

Corrie Howe said...

I love the plates you have. The pig under the wreath.

Jesus is our best friend. Of course, Owen's is going to like the things Owen likes. Duh, mom!

My Life in Purple said...

I would hang out with Owen's Jesus! As a matter for fact, I would wear a monster truck around my neck with big J behind the wheel.

Lisa C said...

Upon closer inspection, is the picture on the plate a pig or Santa?

adrienzgirl said...

A monster truck. Awesome!

Nancy Campbell said...

Lisa, it is Santa. A rather swine-tastic one, but Santa nonetheless.

mama-face said...

LOL. you crack me up.

But I am thinking that the Son of Man would gladly do all those things...He's already done so much for us. I'm sure he has a sense of humor.

I remember my little girl (not so little anymore) talking about how she wanted to go see Jesus; which scared me because I knew there was only one way that was going to happen. Not funny at all; just thought I'd share.

I love that you have Jesus on your fridge. :)

Carla said...

I love the thought of Jesus being ninja-like. Probably because ninja's are awesome but...A few weeks ago someone asked me why I was a Christian and very flippantly, I answered..."Well, he stalked me until I figured out that he was right and wasn't going anywhere." Lang chimed in with, "Isn't that why you married me too?" My Lang...always trying to be stalkers. :) Great post!

Caution Flag said...

Love those Advent calendars - all of them. I meant to do that this year. Shoot.

Love Owen's Jesus. I think He's all that and more :)

Stephanie said...

Well, of course Jesus would want a monster truck for Christmas. Wouldn't he? Have I mentioned lately how much I adore your writing and your sense of humor. What a gift!

4 Lettre Words said...

How great is his wreath??? Love it.

It's a similar situation here. Why did I buy all these things? :o)

kys said...

I think it's sweet that he wants to give Jesus a present on his birthday.