Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Fragments: The Lost Treasures

When moving large pieces of furniture, such as pianos and beds, one often unearths all sorts of treasures, or fragments of a former life. 

Thus, my Friday Fragments...otherwise known as "Lost Treasures." 

(Thanks for hosting, Mrs. 4444)
Mommy's Idea
I found a duffel bag full of clothes. Perfectly nice clothing, in my size no less. I had packed these items away during one of my pregnancies, and in my postpartum haze, forgot all about them.

Because I've been known to get into I'm-throwing-shit-away manic moods, it wouldn't surprise me in the least that I tossed bags of functional clothing away.

Just the other day, I had to be talked down from tossing my wedding dress. I said, "What, should I save it for Owen or Joel to wear?"

My friend said, "You could always make a pantsuit."

Another friend was quick to add, "If Joel plans to wear a shiny ivory pantsuit, I'm taking my daughter off the table." (You do that, don't you? Plan the nuptials of your respective children with girlfriends so you can have a really good wedding reception with your best friends?)

Anyway, long story short? Next time I feel the need to shop, maybe I should just look under my bed.

I also unearthed some photos:
Here I am in my sons' future shiny pantsuit. God, I was young. 

Here I am being French-kissed by a baby kangaroo. This happened in California. Naturally. 
Finally, I found this treasure: 

NERD ALERT! I bought a magazine dedicated to LOST. For six dollars. Oh my God, I might as well write fan fiction and go to conventions dressed as Hugo Reyes.

It had a poster, which, for a goof, I placed on my fridge. I know this photo is awful.

But wait a minute...what's this?
Benjamin Linus. Does ANYBODY think he's hot now? Anyone?

I am very excited about the season premiere on Tuesday, but I still feel that I haven't completely succumbed to the dark side. Why? Because I did not think, even once, that I needed to own these...

...official Lost action figures! 

After all, I can buy the magazine, watch the show with religious fervor, read the recaps and the fan forums online, and come thisclose to dressing my baby in a Dharma Initiative Onesie, but...buying action figures? That's just dorky. 

And Lord knows I'm not a dork. If you don't believe me, I'll curse you out in Klingon. 

Happy Friday, everybody!


My Life in Purple said...

If you dress as Hugo, I want pictures!

You look so young, but so in love <3

Rebecca said...

Yep, I've already planned both my son and my daughter's weddings. They are going to be very elaborate and well, since we don't need to pay for my son's wedding I'm not worried about finances....however, with my daughters wedding, we win the lottery AND are fortunate enough to win one of those wedding packages that television news stations give away every now and then.

Busted Kate said...

I think it would make a lovely pantsuit!

DUTA said...

It's so nice to find hidden/forgotten treasures like clothes and photos! I know the feeling.

On the other hand, I wish I could be able to part more easily with certain clothes and unused items as it takes up a lot of space to keep them.

won said...

Congrats on the new (old) wardrobe!

That is a very cute wedding photo. I always appreciate the candid ones.

dek said...

You're the only one I know who has snogged a marsupial.

4 Lettre Words said...

I love baby kangaroos...and finding stuff I forgot about!

Nikia, May and da kids said...

I kinda like the pant suit idea, but then again your son might never want to speak to you ever again if you bring it up while planning the wedding. And forget about the daughter in law - she will hate you before you officially become family.

Kangaroos in California, hmmm?!?! Well, it is California.

I have JUST learned to acquire enough patience to take my old clothing and other items to the Goodwill. I had NO patience before and just use to toss them. I'm a big reason Planet Earth is having troubles now.


AudreyO said...

Do you know what I love cleaning out? My car. I always find goodies in my trunk, on the floor, under the seat etc.

Daffy said...

"I'll curse you out in Klingon."

Best quote of the day - you win! hands down

We suffer from that throw-shit-away panic every now and then. Hubs more than me....our storage space is limited (which means we have ziltch) so we purge often...

erika said...

Soooo, is it the Fuselage that you are reading? Or is there another Lost forum I don't know about? Benjamin Linus is the best bad guy EVER.

sd said...

My daughter shall marry my best friend Rainy's son. They're 6 and already in love... he slammed her finger in the classroom door just last week. And my son shall marry Rainy's daughter. He gave her all his money once (62 cents) and ever since, she asks him for money every time she sees him. And if he has some, he hands it over just like a good little husband.

Bethany said...

You're so funny. Shopping under your bed! All I would find is torn paper and rabbit poop.
You made me laugh with your Dharma Initiative Onesie!
No, you're not dorky.
Kangaroo kisses sound wonderful.
Thanks for reminding me about Lost, must make sure my TIVO is all set.

Mama Zen said...

Oh, but those Dharma Initiative onesies are cool!

Stephanie aka The Stark Raving Bibliophile said...

I have an award for you:

Unknown Mami said...

I say keep the dress and force your future daughter in law to wear it. That will go over really well.

Jen said...

I swear I'm the only person on the planet who hasn't seen an episode of Lost.
And no idea what I'm going to do with my wedding dress. It's two huge boxes and a bag taking up the entire top of my closet. It's not like my boys are going to use it, and don't have any other ideas for it. So it sits.

Aunt Becky said...

Bwahahahahahahaha! I love you.

only a movie said...

Finally a place where I can talk about how hot Ben might be. Although Desmond is my fave.
There's no way I will have last season finished before Tuesday.
But I'm excited for more Lost for sure.
Love your blog.

Cat said...


Any woman who casually references Klingon is a friend of mine.

I gave away 2 random suitcases of clothes when I moved in with my mom. I just had too much stuff for me and a baby to move into a bedroom.

Lost! LOST! LOST!!!!!! I can't wait!!!

Corrie Howe said...

Or you could give your future DIL the dress to wear at the wedding? Or a granddaughter? Or just make a baby's baptism outfit from it? That's what I wanted, but my husband wouldn't let me. So my box sits in my closet...why?

Mrs4444 said...

I love all of Corrie's ideas for what to do with the dress.

Nice score on the clothes, but make sure you don't start teasing your hair up to 90's style or wearing shaker sweaters or something....haha

I loved your fragment about the wedding reception planning. I plan to link back to it in a future post :) Thanks.