Friday, January 1, 2010

Friday Fragments: Truck Stops and Magical Thinking

My mother-in-law returned to our table at Panera Bread and told me, "Owen said he wouldn't use the air hand dryers in the bathroom."

"Nope," I replied, handing Joel another hunk of bread to devour, "He hates 'em."

"Too noisy," Owen agreed. He chewed thoughtfully, and then added, "Except for in truck stops. I LOVE hand dryers in truck stops."

My mother-in-law laughed until she cried, as I shook my head and wondered where the HELL Paul takes my son when I'm not around.

Truck stops? Really, Owen?

We had a fantastic New Year's Eve last night. A friend of mine had a party for kids. We started around three, and counted down to the "New Year" around six. My friends have a chair that spins all the way around AND a Hummer truck that sings, "Slow Ride." What else could a boy possibly want?

We did, unfortunately, have to cut Joel off. Too much milk. Makes him crazy.

I laughed with my favorite people in the world, then drove home before the drunks hit the road. We tucked the kids in with enough time to watch Anderson Cooper laugh uncomfortably every time Kathy Griffin asked him about his "safe words."

"The flower finally fell down," Paul said. "It was only a matter of time."

My friend had given me a bulb for Christmas, and the thing grew like a sixteen-year-old boy, all floppy and gorgeously awkward. It reached upward as it bloomed, and toppled over its own weight. We leaned it against the hutch as a temporary measure, until moving it into the bathroom, under the skylight. 

Oh, is it ever lovely.  (Does anybody know what it is?)

No stranger to magical thinking, Owen continues to ask us to write him lists.  They list his hopes, as well as review his daily activities.

If he wishes enough, perhaps Owen will get a new train table. More likely, though, he will play with Joely, water the Christmas tree, like airplanes and helicopters, and fight the good fight against the evil of Christmas skirts.

Just another day's work.


Happy Friday, every body! Thanks to Mrs. 4444 for hosting Friday Fragments!
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My Life in Purple said...

It's an amaryllis! Ours did not grow this year..thanks a lot Walmart! Shoulda got a Chia..

Bethany said...

That is one tall Amaryllis! Wow. It really did grow like a teenager. I love your husband calling out, "The flower finally fell down."
I thought he was talking about some kind of New Years Ball dropping.
I love Owen's list. Esp like the shepard part and orange please for snack.
Glad you had such a fun NYE.
Happy New Year, new friend.

Stephanie said...

Now that's my kind of to-do list! Keep that boy away from truck stops. ;-)

Rebecca said...

St. Louis Bread Company is what I call it..."Pannera Bread". But, I love, love, love that place. Some of my kids first foods are their soups. Umm ummm good!!

I really LOVE the list making. Cute!

Nikia, May and da kids said...

Your flower is a lily of some sort (or atleast it looks like one). Truck stops? Owen needs to be careful of those "lot lizards."

What a great idea for a kids party for New Years, although I'd never host one. I'm politically incorrect and let the kids stay up too late.

We alternated between the CNN countdown, Dick clark's Rockin New Years Eve (should be banned) and BETs ghetto fest because my husband still longs to be in the clubs secretly. I'm glad you brought your New Years in with a smile.


michelle said...

Yup. It's an amaryllis. They smell really good when they blossom

happy new year

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

The Rambler said...

I choked on my spit laughing at the truck stop comment.

And then sighed with relief that your readers knew what type of flower that was :)

Happy new Year!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for New Year Party..with kids..I like that..Glad you had a ball..soooo why is hubby taking Owen to truck stops...I really have an interst in that one..LOL..!!..hope you find out..!!

Ms. Moon said...

What sweet stories and what good writing.
You know you can plant that amaryllis in the ground? Just take the bulb and dig it into the earth and perhaps it will bloom for you again some day.
Your children are so precious. They will be tall and gangly like that flower one day soon. Can you believe it?

mub said...

I've been trying to coax my amaryllis into growing, but it's not being very cooperative. Yours is lovely though!

I wonder if Owen would like the new Dyson hand dryers I've been seeing at the airports... those things are like magic I tell you! I don't know if they're better than TRUCK STOP dryers though!

Mrs4444 said...

If that flower did bloom in my house, it would only be once (and right after we bought it); I can't keep a dandelion alive, I swear.

I love the lists. I also love your new About Me; it's great.

Kristin said...

Those darn Christmas tree skirts!!! Ah ha ha. So cute. Happy new year!

Corrie Howe said...

Love that Joel needed to be cut off early. I knew he was going to be trouble. And I love the detail of Owen's lists.

Anonymous said...

Tell Owen that my favorite truck stops are Loves. They always have clean bathrooms, though I never have much noticed the dryers there.

Oh, and I'm so jealous of your New Years Eve. What a great idea to have a party for kids!

blueviolet said...

He's so cute. He wrote like airplanes and helicopters on his list! He looks adorable in the dump truck too.

I'm wondering about that truck stop statement. This bears some investigation.

Happy New Year!

Traci said...

So my questions is... how many truck stops has old Owen visited that he has become a connoisseur of the air dryers? You know what they say about kids saying the darnedest things!

kys said...

Your little list-maker is a man after my own heart. The party was a great idea. Clearly, I'm insane because I'm letting the kids have a NYE party for their friends at our house next year. (5th and 2nd grade boys)

4 Lettre Words said...

That Tonka photo is priceless!

Love those lists.

Cat said...

The truck stop comment is classic! You need to tell that one to his first girlfriend.

I got Boy a train table for $30 at a consignment sale if you're looking- you can get them gently used for a very, very decent price.

Kirby3131 said...

Love those truck stops! That's great. The list making is great, too. I'm glad he wants to help vacuum.